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01/01/2011 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, December 2010"

  • 2010-11-25 U2 Auckland New Zealand Mt. Smart Stadium - I'm sure this is the first NZ show I've ever heard! And the first Jay-Z appearance too! Really really good sound, except for some wind noise.

  • 1970-11-21 Pink Floyd Montreux Switzerland Altes Casino - The 40th anniversary Harvested edition of the 2009 transfer from the master reels. Not much else to say!

  • 2010-10-30 Underworld San Diego CA 4th & B - A bit boomy and distant... and crowdy. And to be honest, not as much fun as other older Underworld.

  • 1985-09-02 OMD Chicago IL Cabaret Metro - Date is suspect. Incomplete, which makes no sense since it was broadcast on XRT.

  • 1971-07-23 Bruce Springsteen New York City NY Lincoln Center Damrosch Park - The big band... like 10 people in the band. Crazy show, but not the best sound.

  • 1987-09-19 Pink Floyd Philadelphia PA - How many times have I listened to this show (hi Ken)? It's probably one of the longest of the tour since it has Echoes and Shine On. And they just butcher Echoes as well.

  • 1995-06-15 The Orb Hollywood CA American Legion Hall - Old brilliant Orb stuff. Too bad about the distorted bass. And incomplete.

  • 1987-02-19 Living Colour New York City NY - First known recording of the classic line up. Some unreleased songs. Too bad it doesn't a bit better. Very distant. Guitar stands out though.

  • 1970-02-15 The Who Hull UK - The night after Live at Leeds show.

  • 1974-07-06 Eric Clapton Buffalo NY War Memorial Stadium - Soundboard, but you'd never know it. Liner notes state "this may be EC's lowest point on stage". He's incredibly drunk.
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