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06/19/2002 Entry: "Happy One Year House Anniversay"

It was one year ago today that Angie, Ariel, Cymbaline, and I moved into our house. It feels like a million years ago!

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Nice site.

Posted by Nice site. @ 06/08/2007 10:51 AM CST

Very good site!

Posted by gfhgh @ 05/25/2007 01:40 PM CST

I looked for weeks for a way to get help on Amazon.com. They owed me money back on my credit card due to their mistake. I came across your website on google. I called at 1AM and they straightened everything out. Thank you for putting their number on your site!!!!

Posted by Mandy @ 12/11/2006 02:31 AM CST

Amazon webssite needs a complete re-do!!! It is the most confusing mess I have ever tried to navigate. I was going nuts today trying to work out a credit card problem (which turned out to be their mistake not mine), and finally asked for the phone number ( I use Yahoo by the way) and clicked on your website. Finally, success, I hope. Thank you so much.

Posted by Shirley McCord @ 01/19/2006 10:07 AM CST

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