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Viewing date Title Format 5 star rating

Bread and Tulips 6/1
Citizen Kane 6/3
Kalifornia 6/6
Empire Strikes Back 6/7
Return of the Jedi 6/14
A Life Less Ordinary 6/15
The Phantom Menance 6/21
Babe Pig In The City 6/22
What's Up Tiger Lily 6/23
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 7/5
The Anniversary Party 7/7
Legally Blonde 7/9
Trainspotting 7/13
Pollack 7/17
Austin Powers In Goldmember 7/26
The Princess Diaries 7/27
Full Frontal 8/6
Play It Again, Sam 8/10
The Good Girl 8/16
If Lucy Fell 8/18
Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones 8/23
Monsters Inc. 8/2

30 May 2002 American Pimp IFC
It's the perfect companion piece to Pimps Up, Ho's Down.
27 May 2002 Boys Don't Cry HBO
I'm sure that it's the best movie named after a Cure song, but it's an extremely difficult movie to watch... especially if you are a 90210 fan, and really, who isn't?
26 May 2002 Unbreakable DVD
Not unwatchable, but a let down after The Sixth Sense. Bruce. Willis. Was. Really. Dry. And the kid wasn't as cute. But Sam Jackson will always be Sam Jackson!
25 May 2002 Vanilla Sky DVD
It's kind of like Cameron Crowe does Momento... forward... with Tom Cruise... and with some wacky AI like ending.
17 May 2002 Star Wars LaserDisk
Getting ready to see Attack Of The Clones. This is a pretty good movie, except for the 70s hair. But then, in the future they will complain that seeing Natalie Portman's exposed stomach was so '00s. Anyway, Star Wars is like the best indy B-movie ever. It's actually pretty low key and a lot of fun. And with the new subwoofer, it rocked the house!
12 May 2002 Cats And Dogs HBO
Cute, fun, family entertainment. If you've got pet, you'll like it. The only thing that I didn't like about it was the fact that they claim that cats are "pure evil". They are not.
04 May 2002 Waking Ned Devine Video
Funny farce, enjoyable accents, but really tough accents.
03 May 2002 Hollywood Ending Theatre
Good Woody Allen... but a bit long. There could have been a good 20 minutes or so chopped out of the film. Funny and moden.
12 Apr 2002 The Sweetest Thing Theatre .5
Crude and rude, but very very funny. A good series of gags strung along by an acceptable story. Recommend though since it's the only chick gross-out movie that I know of.
29 Mar 2002 Panic Room Theatre .5
Brilliant. David Fincher is probably one of the most creative directors today. He is consistantly produce one amazingly stylish and interesting movie after another.
19 Mar 2002 Revolution OS Sundance Channel on TiVo
Excellent introduction to GNU, Free Software, Linux, and Open Source.
16 Mar 2002 In The Bedroom Theater
In the badroom.
16 Mar 2002 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Theater
15 Mar 2002 Airplane! DVD
15 Mar 2002 Say Anything DVD
6 Mar 2002 The Mexican HBO
OK, not the best movie, but it was entertaining. I like Brad Pitt, so I know that it wouldn't be a waste of time. Like most movies these days, it probably could have ended 15-20 minutes later. James Gandolfini was good too.
23 Feb 2002 Gosford Park Theater
Eh... didn't do much for me. Nice house though
22 Feb 2002 Radio Days DVD
Very funny. This seems like the radio version of The Purple Rose of Cario... and you know, Sweet And Lowdown was very musical... perhaps there's a theme throughout some of the Woody Allen movies.
17 Feb 2002 Shrek DVD
I'm not sure how much I like the non-Pixar CG movies. There's something about the faces that I really didn't like. However, some of the water effects were really cool. (I did a seminar in computer graphics in college so I *almost* understand how this stuff works.) I really didn't like the "modern" songs in the movie... but then... it's not Disney.
13 Feb 2002 Amelie Theater
Part of the catching up before the Oscars series. Really well done! Very imaginative story telling.
28 Jan 2002 Picking Up The Pieces HBO
I wish I could pick up the 95 minutes of my life somewhere.
27 Jan 2002 The Man Who Wasn't There Theater
It's amazing how the Coen brothers are either on or off. This time: off. Don't get me wrong, the directing and composition were great... the story was lacking. Billy Bob is fine, nothing great. I really wasn't planning on seeing it, but since we've been trying to guess what's going to be nominated for the Oscars (and it was $2), we figured we'd give it a shot. Should have seen something else.
23 Jan 2002 A Beautiful Mind Theater
It was alright... I mean Russell Crowe is Russell Crowse. Jennifer Connelly is as beautiful as ever, but I almost didn't recognize her by the end. I would have like the movie more if they would have explained a bit more about a) how he did his math, codebreaking, whatever, and b) how he overcame his illness. Ron Howard needs to lay off the circle shots as well. Very unnecessary and annoying. Oh... we had a really bad print in one of the reels and I could barely hear anything.
19 Jan 2002 Miss Congeniality HBO
Cute. There is nothing to criticize. This is a very simple movie. Funny, romantic, even action-packed. Recommended for just about everyone.
5 Jan 2002 Almost Famous HBO
A great period piece... Jason Lee is great. He's got wonderful phrasing. I'd like to see the "bootleg" cut, because the music seems a little short, especially compared to Rock Star.
4 Jan 2002 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb DVD
A perfect satire, if not completely absurd. It's interesting to see the paranoia of the cold-war in comparison to life post-9/11. Peter Sellars is a master. The trailer is on the DVD as well, and it's rather interesting... nothing like I've ever seen from that era.
1 Jan 2002 Little Women HBO
Quite the star studded feast. Good story, duh since the book is a class (although I've never read it). Definately worth seeing.
31 Dec 2001 But I'm A Cheerleader DVD
Camp. Needed more story on either end. Worth it to see RuPaul not in drag.
31 Dec 2001 Antonia's Line DVD
Quite an enjoyable foreign film. Very intriguing characters, going through many struggles as women in post-war Holland.
26 Dec 2001 The Purple Rose Of Cairo DVD
Fun movie within a movie story. Great for any film enthusist! And it's weird to see a Woody Allen movie without him in it. I mean even in Sweet and Lowdown he made an appearance.
24 Dec 2001 Fight Club DVD
23 Dec 2001 Better Living Through Circuitry DVD
22 Dec 2001 Sweet And Lowdown DVD
16 Dec 2001 Gia TiVo
Very good for an HBO movie... nice style to it. You almost feel sympathic for her. Not quite the same extreme view toward drug use as Trainspotting or Requiem For A Dream, but still a nice message.
16 Dec 2001 Party Girl TiVo
A fun Parker Posey movie... I had not seen it in years. Dwight Ewell from Chasing Amy was in it.
9 Dec 2001 Ocean's Eleven Theater
The exposition was so long that it made the move seem very slow. I really liked the story, but the second half seemed almost rushed. Soderbergh is a master director and the way that he introduced the characters was fantasic, but I think that he could have done more with the actual heist. I'd like the see the original.
10 Nov 2001 Play It Again, Sam VHS
Very funny Woody... I really like how Casablanca was interpolated. VHS is tough to watch after DVD and DSS, but I still enjoyed the movie
9 Nov 2001 Monsters, Inc. Theater
Another winner from Pixar. Each film (technically) is better than the previous one. Toy Story is more entertaining and fun, but the slide down the mountain and the chase through the door repository are just stellar!
4 Nov 2001 Requiem For A Dream Director Commentary on DVD
Pretty good commentary... I learned quite a bit, especially about the sound design, which was good, but I didn't realize how important it was to the directory. I can not wait to listen to the DP's commentary!
2 Nov 2001 She's the One IFC on TiVo
Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston... what a great movie. I liked it less than previous viewings,b ut it's enjoyable.
31 Oct 2001 Requiem For A Dream DVD
A great movie for Halloween... it's an extremely scary movie. Warch it with the following warning... it makes Trainspotting (a 5 star movie itself) look like Dumbo.
26 Oct 2001 Hannibal PPV on DSS/TiVo
Absolutely gruemsome. Almost disbusting. Hard to watch... but an enjoyable story that really didn't have much to do with Silence of the Lambs. Julianne Moore did a really nice job filling in for Jodie Foster.
11 Oct 2001 Serendipity Theater
Cute, nice. Nothing really specal, but John Cusask is always good. A very good date movie, and since Angie and I were on a date, it worked out well.
23 Sep 2001 What Planet Are You From? SHO on TiVO
23 Sep 2001 In Tne Company Of Men IFV on TiVo
22 Sep 2001 Clerks DVD
The best. I love this movie. I'm sure that it has something to do with working in two different CD stores, a book store, as well as a video store. Kevin just knows how to write really good dialogue.
15 Sep 2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence Theater
One of the weirdest movie. The best part was the teddy bear.
9 Sep 2001 Rock Star Theater
A nice fun movie... and the loudest movie I've ever heard... must be heard in a theater to enjoy!
7 Sep 2001 The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion Theater
Started slow... Woody was pretty funny, and there was some quick dialog. Helen Hunt can only really do one role.
4 Sep 2001 The World Is Not Enough SHO on DSS/TiVo
Just not good Bond.
1 Sep 2001 The Next Best Thing SHO on DSS/TiVo
When will Madonna make another good movie?
1 Sep 2001 Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back Theatre
Definately a movie for Kevin Smith fans only. It was a very nice (and silly) end to his New Jersey movies. I will miss these characters.
23 Aug 2001 Hegwig And The Angry Inch Theatre
Very funny... like my friend said "A Rocky Horror for our generation". There was some very nice use of animation that I really wasn't expecting in a movie like this. There definately should be more musicals in theatres these days.s
21/22 Aug 2001 Dogma Cast Commentary on DVD .5
A half lame commentary for learning stuff about movies, but if you are a big Kevin Smith fan, you will definately be entertained.
Movies seen while moving and being disorganized: Reality Bites
The Princess Bride
Just Another Girl On The LRT
Ayn Rand bio
Ghost World
9 June 2001 Higbh Art IFC on DSS
Very good movie... a bit surprising at times.  The main character did seem to turn into a bit of a tartlet.  I wish that they would have done more with the photography.  Yet another good heroin movie.
3 June 2001 Il Postino VHS
It wasn't bad... Italian movies definitely have a different feel to them.  Nice scenery.  Must return to Italy sometime.  We've got to stop watching movies on Sunday mornings... it's just too bright to see what's going on sometimes.
2 June 2001 Risky Business HBO onDSS
I wasn't really watching it; it was just on while we were packing.  Outstanding!
1 June 2001 Moulin Rouge Theatre
Angie called it "A campy tear-jerker."  I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.  And the beginning of the movie is almost as intense as the end of Requiem For A Dream.  It's just wild.
12 May 2001 Charlie's Angels PPV on DSS
A very fun movie. No one really gets hurt, you've got to like that in an action movie.
12 May 2001 Charlie's Angels PPV on DSS
A very fun movie. No one really gets hurt, you've got to like that in an action movie.
23 April 2001 Permanent Midnight IFC
Angie and I saw this movie the night we got engaged.  Romantic, huh?  Anyway, we were going through Wedding photos (no, we haven't ordered them yet) and this was on.  It's another great drug movie.  It's no Trainspotting, but Trainspotting doesn't have Ben Stiller in an incredible performance.
19 April 2001 Bridget Jones's Diary Theatre
Book adaptations are always risky.  This one is vg. :)  It's a solid movie and probably could have become very cluttered with all of the stuff that's in the book.  Nice to see Hugh Grant being mean! 
6 Apr 2001 From Dusk Till Dawn DVD
Great dialog at the beginning... and like Quentin says in the commentary, the Clooney close-ups made him a star.  I stand by my original review: From Dusk, good, Till Dawn, not.
28 Mar 2001 Meet The Parents DVD
Perhaps this was hyped too much, like American Pie, but it just didn't seem that funny.  I really really like Ben Stiller, and DeNiro was great, but funny it was not.
17 Mar 2001 Finding Forrester Theatre
It's very similar to Good Will Hunting, but without the romance.  As usual, Sean Connery is excellent.  I could have done without the coda, but I still really liked it.  Angie really really liked it and thought that it was better than Good Will Hunting.
10 Mar 2001 Sixteen Candles DVD
Good movie for a Saturday morning.
9 Mar 2001 Ghostbusters DVD
You know, it's just not as I remember.  Rick Moranis rules though.
8 Mar 2001 Traffic Theatre
Last of the Oscar movies we needed to see. Wow. It's not quite the anti-drug movie that Requiem For A Dream is. It's probably one of the most interestingly shot movies I've seen.  I don't see how Steven Soderbergh could direct something as banal as Erin Brockovich after seeing this.  He should win the best director Oscar for this movie.
4 Mar 2001 Gladiator DVD
Eh.  Some nice battle scenes, and Joaquin Phoenix was really good... but it's not worth an Oscar.
3 Mar 2001 Erin Brockovich DVD
It's pretty good for a true story... although it's not worth an Oscar.
24 Feb 2001 The Birdcage DVD
We just got back from South Beach... so this was a perfect movie to watch.  That's why I bought it.  I just wish that there was more of Miami.  Oh well.  Hank Azaria should have won an Oscar for it!
5 Feb 2001 A Walk In The Clouds DVD
Nice scenery, but Keanu never said Whoa.
29 Jan 2001 Mallrats DVD
I've seen this a number of times... and it just keeps getting better.  This time I was most impressed with Jason Lee during the game show.  Outstanding.  Very funny.  Yes, he tends to yell, but that's his character.
23 Jan 2001 O Brother, Where Art Thou? Theatre
So disappointing.  There were a couple of funny lines, but in general, not one of the better Coen movies.
14 Jan 2001 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Theatre .5
A nearly perfect movie. What an incredible mix of action, romance, and comedy.
9 Jan 2001 Babette's Feast VHS
A good food movie.  Probably the best use of flashbacks I've seen in a period film.
6 Jan 2001 The Daytrippers VHS
This movie is definitely a sleeper.  Any movie with Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci is good! 
6 Jan 2001 8� VHS
I don't think I got it, but I'm not done with Fellini either.
6 Jan 2001 State And Main Theatre
Very good satire of the movie industry. As usual, Philip Seymour Hoffman is outstanding.
5 Jan 2001 Chocolat Theatre
All I wanted to do was eat some chocolate.  Neat special effects for a very non-special effects movie.
29 Dec 2000 What Women Want Theatre
28 Dec 2000 Toy Story 2 DVD .5
28 Dec 2000 This Is Spinal Tap Crew Commentary on DVD
20 Dec 2000 This Is Spinal Tap Cast Commentary on DVD
14 Nov 2000 Sid And Nancy IFC
18 Nov 2000 Best In Show Theatre
12 Nov 2000 Requiem for a Dream Theatre
11 Nov 2000 Toy Story DVD
11 Nov 2000 Interiors DVD
6 Nov 2000 American Beauty Commentary on DVD
4 Nov 2000 Random Hearts HBO
4 Nov 2000 Toy Story Commentary on DVD
3 Nov 2000 Henry And June IFC
3 Nov 2000 The Unbearable Lightness of Being IFC
3 Nov 2000 Brokedown Palace HBO
3 Nov 2000 Fight Club Commentary 2 on DVD
2 Nov 2000 Three Kings VHS via HBO
2 Nov 2000 A Bug's Life Commentary on DVD
1 Nov 2000 Election VHS via Sundance Channel
31 Oct 2000 Boogie Nights Director's commentary on DVD
31 Oct 2000 Better Living Through Circuitry VHS via Sundance Channel
29 Oct 2000 Dracula Northrup Auditorium with Philip Glass & Kronos Quartet
21 Oct 2000 Airplane! DVD
21 Oct 2000 Sixteen Candles DVD
7 Oct 2000 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Sundance Channel
4 Oct 2000 200 Cigarettes Sundance Channel .5
30 Sep 2000 The Limey DVD
29 Sep 2000 Red VHS .5
23 Sep 2000 Almost Famous


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