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Revision 3.1
16 September 1998



Season One

  • All Purpose Kalbam! (1.12) [005]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • June is a real page turner
      • Henry badly wants to win a golf tournament
      • Sniz's roommates teach him a "timely" lesson
      • Meltman develops amnesia
      • Prometheus "crosses a bridge" with Bob
      • An animal sets off for galaxies unknown
      • Loopy's hygiene attractsattention.
    • Segments titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Second Hand Sniz
      • Action League Now: Nightmare On Memory Lane
      • Prometheus And Bob: Bridge
      • Surprising Shorts: Lava
      • Life With Loopy: Back To Nature
  • Built For Speed (1.1) [011]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • Henry and June demonstrate the show's opening stunts
      • Sniz must decide whether to remain on Earth or become an alien mascot
        • Note: This sounds more like Mr. Sniz's Wild Ride than The Making Of A Supermodel
      • Lightning is hot over the male attention Thundergirl is receiving
      • Louie and Louie finally get "5 minutes of fame" from their owners.
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: The Making Of ASupermodel
      • Action League Now!: Thunder And Lightning
      • The Louie And Louie Show
  • Comics For Tomorrow Today (1.4) [003]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • June acquires superpowers
      • Fondue consoles a balding Sniz
      • The evil Spotzilla threatens the community, so learns about musical instruments and encounters a prehistoric mammoth.
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Mod Stylin'
      • Action League Now!: The Wrath Of Spotzilla Part 1
      • Prometheus And Bob: Music
      • Surprising Shorts: Lava
      • Life With Loopy: Egghead
  • Comics Of Champions (1.2) [012]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • Henry's crush on Thundergirl is revealed
      • Henry and June get new 'dos
      • Thundergirl rescues a boy stuck in a garbage disposal
      • Sniz and Fondue take on a toy vending machine company
      • Bob dines on ants
      • Angela gets angry when Nanette Memoir receives her valentine.
    • Segment titles:
      • Action League Now!: Sinkhole Of Doom
      • Sniz And Fondue: Rage Against The Vending Machine
      • Prometheus And Bob: Cooking
      • Angela Anaconda: The First Flush Of Love
  • It's Flavorific (1.3) [002]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • It's Henry vs. a super-hero
      • Sniz tries to jump the house on his new motorcycle
      • Thundergirl, doused with an evil liquid, loses her ability to fly
      • Prometheus teaches Bob to use a wheel and smashes his windshield
      • Loopy inflates the house to escape money woes
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Stunt Bike Sniz
      • Action League Now!: No Fly Zone
      • Prometheus And Bob: Clothing, Wheel
      • Life With Loopy: Trouble With Inflation
  • Kablam! Gets Results (1.6) [007]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • June learns self-defense
      • Fondue avoids germs while in a bubble
      • The Action League must figure out who is the real Flesh
      • Loopy searches for goldfish heaven
      • Can Prometheus teach Bob to stay out of the rain?
      • One dog gets a surprise, while another angers a sheep
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Squeaky Clean
      • Action League Now!: Roboflesh
      • Life With Loopy: Goldfish Heaven
      • Prometheus And Bob: Shelter
      • Surprising Shorts: Lava
  • A Little Dab'll Do Ya (1.7) [010]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • Henry and June introduce "Smellivision"
      • Sniz becomes jealous of a wooden dummy
      • Stinky Diver rescues his brother, Stench Diver, from a smelly fate
      • Loopy searches for her brother's lucky baseball
      • September the dog wishes he had ridden in the helicart
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: You Dummy
      • Action League Now!: Stink Or Swim
      • Life With Loopy: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
      • The Offbeats
  • (no ending comic shown) (1.9) [009] Note: At the end, June talks about not turning the page for a change, and that's why the comic is never shown. Help!
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • Henry and June are melted
      • The Action League protects the heirs to the pigeon legend when their queen is killed
      • Sniz goofs off, and Captain Slacks rescues "Dark Vator," the cat
      • Loopy's in a pickle in the pantry
      • Angela scrapes gum while her classmates picnic
    • Segement titles:
      • Action League Now!: Where Pigeons Dare
      • Sniz And Fondue: Dark Vator
      • Life With Loopy: Mom's Mystery Casserole
      • Suprising Shorts: Angela Anaconda: Chew On This!
  • Not Just For People Anymore (1.5)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Fashionably Fondue
      • Action League Now!: The Wrath Of Spotzilla Part 2
      • Prometheus And Bob: Fishing
      • Surprising Shorts: Lava
      • Life With Loopy: Goop On The Loose
  • Resistance Is Futile (1.11) [013]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • Henry and June host the First Annual KABLAMMY Awards
      • Sniz and Fondue's friendship is tested in competition
      • The Action League protects a key witness
      • September devises a plan to get back Betty Anne's glasses
      • Bob's kite flying lesson is rudely interrupted
    • Segement titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: War Of The Supergeeks
      • Action League Now!: Testimony Of Terror
      • The Offbeats
      • Prometheus And Bob: Kite
  • What The Astronauts Drink (1.8) [006]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • Henry and June can't seem to take off
      • Does Sniz want to be a mascot on an alien ship or stay here on Earth?
      • The Action League rescues Justice, the Chief's dog
      • Loopy finds a man on the moon
      • Anemia and Iodine search a haunted house for a housecat's ghost.
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Mr. Sniz's Wild Ride
      • Action League Now!: Dog Day Afternoon
      • Life With Loopy: Lunar Loopy
      • Surprising Shorts: Anemia & Iodine
  • Your Real Best Friend (1.13) [001]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • Fondue buys a scorpian, which manages to escape
      • Action League rescues a town trashed by the messy Mayor
      • Loopy seeks friendship with household appliances
      • Bob, the cro-magnon, learns the fine art of painting and bowling
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz and Fondue: A Toxic Tail
      • Action League Now!: Road To Ruin
      • Life With Loopy: HiFi Frankenstein
      • Prometheus and Bob: Art, Bowling
  • You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best! (1.10) [008]
    • Nick.com descriptions:
      • June can't stop giggling
      • Henry and June make tapioca pudding in a most unusual way
      • Sniz and Fondue borrow money from a loanshark
      • Meltman fends off the destructive Hoover
      • It's Loopy versus Mother Nature
      • August becomes upset when September takes the day off
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: The Borrowers
      • Action League Now!: In The Belly Of The Beast
      • Life With Loopy: Mother Nature Bowl-Off
      • The Offbeats

Season Two

  • Art + Science = Fun (2.13)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles
      • Action League Now!: Danger Society
      • Randall Flan's Incredible Big Top
      • The Offbeats
  • Better Than A Poke In The Eye (2.8)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Action League Now!: Flesh And Blood
      • Prometheus And Bob: Trapping, Spear
      • Lava
      • The Offbeats
  • Cramming Cartoons Since 1627 (2.11)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Action League Now!: Turkey Of Terror
      • Prometheus And Bob: Breakfast
      • Life With Loopy: Kung Fu Loopy
      • The Brothers Tiki: Still Marooned
  • E Pluribus Kablam (2.7)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Hello Dolly
      • Action League Now!: Science Fiction Parody
      • Prometheus And Bob: Leverage
      • The Offbeats
  • Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag (2.10)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Chicanery Chums
      • Action League Now!: Ther Quarkey Syndrome
      • Prometheus And Bob: Farming
      • The Brothers Tiki
  • Hand Cranked For Your Enjoyment (2.12)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Rat In The Hat
      • Action League Now!: Meltman At Large
      • Prometheus And Bob: Construction
      • The Girl With Her Head Coming Off
  • Harold's Glow-In-The-Dark Brand Butter (2.4)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Action League Now!: The Revenge Of Hodge Podge
      • Prometheus And Bob: Milking
      • Life With Loopy: Loopy And The Lost Voice
      • The Offbeats
  • Hurts So Good (2.3)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Celluloid Sins
      • Action League Now!: Incident At Chlorine Lake
      • Life With Loopy: Goldfish Ghost
      • Prometheus And Bob: Boxing
  • I Just Don't Get It (2.6)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Action League Now!: Caged Thunder
      • Prometheus And Bob: Ice Skating
      • Life With Loopy: Late Night Loopy
      • The Offbeats
  • Kablam! James Kablam! (2.9)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Great Infestations
      • Action League Now!: Rock-A-Big Baby (This is the segment with Kiss that was shown before the Good Burger movie.)
      • The Offbeats: Statistic
      • The New Adventures Of Patchhead
  • Tastes Like Paper (2.5)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Crustacean Sensations
      • Action League Now!: Voice Of Treason
      • Prometheus And Bob: Canoe
      • Life With Loopy: Loop And The Flu-bug
  • Won't Crack Or Peel (2.1)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Action League Now!: Danger For A Dignitary
      • Prometheus And Bob: Furniture
      • Life With Loopy: Upside Down Loopy
      • The Offbeats
  • Won't Stick To Most Dental Work (2.2)
    • Nick.com descriptions:
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Clubbed
      • Action League Now!: Big Baby
      • Prometheus And Bob: Pottery
      • Life With Loopy: Butterfly Loopy

Season Three

  • More Happiness Than Allowed By Law (3.1)
    • Segment titles:
      • Jet Cat: Secret Identity
      • Action League Now!: Flippery Of Fury
      • Prometheus And Bob: Hammock
      • Life With Loopy: Send In The Clones
  • Money Train 2 (3.2)
    • Segment titles:
      • Sniz And Fondue: Solitaire Confinement
      • Action League Now!: Rags To Riches
      • Prometheus And Bob: Ball
      • Life With Loopy: Big Burp Theory

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  1. Episodes titles were taken from the name of comic listed before the ending credits. The (number) after the title is the tape and sequence number for my tapes.  The [number] is the www.nick.com number; I'll try to add these as I figure them out.
  2. Episode titles are being used for sorting purposes until someone can give me production codes and/or airdate.
  3. Nor do the Lava segments
  4. The Angela Anaconda in 1.9 is a surprising short, but not in 1.2.
  5. Theme info: I just saw a video on M2 by The Toasters called 2-Tone Army and it's the Kablam! theme. Except there's singing and stuff. It's from the album (CD?) Hard Band For Dead on Moon Ska Records.
  6. The nick.com descriptions for [011] and [003] don't seem to be 100% correct. Hey, I just copy them, I don't write 'em.
  7. The Offbeat titles were sent to me by Mo Willems. Thanks Mo! Now I just have to update the guide.
  8. NEW as of 9/6/98. Nick's web site seems to actually have some Kablam stuff on it now, including an OK episode guide. I'll be integrating portions of it in the near future.

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Help Needed!

If you have any additional information such as:

  • Airdates
  • Real Titles
  • Mistakes, typos
  • Segments descriptions
  • Henry And June descriptions
  • Names of the Lava and Offbeats segments
  • More links
  • Title for 1.9?
  • New nick.com descriptions for [011] and [003]

please email me and I will incorporate them as soon as possible.

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