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09/01/2014 Entry: "Adamís guide to Vegas 2014"

A slight update to Adamís Guide to Las Vegas

Places to go
ē The newest thing is the Linq next to what was the Imperial Palace, which is now the Quad. Lots to see and do there, including a cool cupcake shop. Havenít been in the world largest Ferris wheel yet.
ē I still love City Center, the Aria, Mandarin Oriental, Vdara, Cosmopolitan area. I donít know if itís all smoke free but itís very clean. The Cosmopolitan is really cool and hip. I had the best steak of my life at STK, but itís pretty much expense account prices only. The mall area, Crystals, is really cool. Very unique, but unaffordable, prices.
ē Probably because Iíve stayed there the most, I like the shops at the Venetian and Palazzo. Lots of good gelato options, but Illy has been the best. I like the casino at Palazzo much better.
ē The whole Caesars complex is fantastic, although Iíve never had luck gambling there. The forum shops are great, as are most of the restaurants. I ate at the noodle shop in April and it was fantastic. Donít ask for a drink menu at Cleopatraís Barge, itís old school there. Always go to John Varvatos because thereís always great photos up, and the clothes are ultra rocker cool too.
ē Mandalay Bay is a schlep, but the casino is pretty cool. Good shops on the way to Luxor. If you can get there right when they open, you can sit outside at Mixx, 64 flights up overlooking the strip. Thatís been one or two of my favorite experiences.
Best way to spend $50
ē Get a drink and sushi at Fix at Bellagio and sit right along the hallway so you can see all the traffic between the casino and the shops. Totally worth every penny.
Things to skip
ē Anything north of Palazzo. Oh sure, Wynn is pretty, but thereís not much to do there. Buffet is good. Casino and shops are nice, but itís pretty far away. Havenít been downtown in years.
ē Off strip: I stayed at the Rio in April. Nothing really to do there. Havenít been to the Hilton in years.
ē Fashion Show Mall. Although I havenít been there in years.
ē The Mall at Planet Hollywood. Thereís a Gordon Ramsey burger place there that we tried to get into and couldnít, so Iíd go back for that.

If you have time
ē Mirage is kinda meh, although I do like the bar at Revolution Theater, and as you are walking south out of the Mirage, thereís a place to get a walking drink.
ē The Ballys-Paris-MGM side of the street. Just not as interesting as it used to be.
ē NYNY is kinda ok. Thereís a bar, again to get a walking drink, as you leave NYNY to go to Excalibur. Great view of the casino from there.
ē Excalibur to Mandalay. Itís a big inside walking complex now but not that exciting.
Thereís probably a lot more to add, but this are obviously the highlight for me, off the top of my head.

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