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10/24/2012 Entry: "Day 4: Gartner Symposium"

3 meals with Gartner people today. I'm about ready to explode. I left my room about 6.45am and got back at 11.15pm. That's a good long day, right? I did sneak in a quick nap and caught up on some work. Today we had keynotes from Meg Whitman from HP and General Colin Powell, who was beyond cool. A really humble and funny guy. From a technical perspective I saw another good EA session and one on emerging technologies (that my CEO wants). Very interesting viewpoints. I talked talked to my EA tool vendor for a bit.

Today was day 7 on the road. I'm more than ready to go back. I haven't eaten well (i.e. a normal balanced diet) or worked out in ages. Although we have walked around a lot.

Tomorrow will be a travel day. Lots of vehicles. At the end of it, wife and kids. I can not wait.

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