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10/21/2012 Entry: "Day 1: Gartner Symposium"

Today is actually my 4th day on the road. I had a great trip to Chicago with the Core Services Director and the Operations Director. We did a big future state review with a key partner and then decided to stay an extra night in the city. We had some awesomely weird (but good) porcine (fried pig's ear, marrow, etc.) and went to various places for drinks and music. Yesterday we continued with deep dish pizza. Travel was fun. I stepped out of MSP long enough to swap clothes in my roller. Angie and discovered that someone replaced all of the food places in Concourse G (or as I like to call it the Gold Concourse) with a new provider. Quality, decor and technology was incredibly stepped up. I like iPad ordered. Quick and easy. Flying into MCO was easy and so was the spendy cab to the Dolphin. Unfortunately the AC wasn't working in my room and I had to get it moved... which is not really what you want when you arrive after Midnight.

Today has been nice so far. It was a bit weird getting used to things down here. I kind of forgot that I had not been to this event before so all of my assumptions about being at IBM Impact were quickly gone. I realized I had no idea where anything was. I still don't. But this event is geared towards CIOs and executives so it's been fairly idiot-proof and people are helpful. Today is industry day so no real technology talk, all stuff about health care. The level of conversation is pretty high, strategic and very forward. I like it.

Tonight we have a reception for all of the Blue Cross and then a general reception. The main part of the conference starts tomorrow. I'm sure it will be interesting as well.

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