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05/03/2012 Entry: "2012 IBM Impact/Inner Circle: Day 3"

Last full day in Vegas. And it was full. I was running (and eating) non-stop. I've decided that I really want to get a Pure Application System. I think that it would be a good additional to our architecture, although I have to get rid of some things in the process. I also saw good details on IBM's new mobility development and runtime environment: Worklight. We might need some of that as well.

Food was very social today. I certainly had enough sushi for a day. Did a little bit of souvenir shopping. No real shopping on this trip. And then I returned a bit of money back to the Palazzo casino, but I had fun. Over all, I only lost $20. But yesterday at this time I was up $4!

Must go back and get ready to go early in the AM!

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