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05/01/2012 Entry: "2012 IBM Impact/Inner Circle: Day 1"

Another another day 1 of Inner Circle is complete. All in all, I can't complain. We had a pretty good general session this morning. Lots of Steve Jobs stories from Walter Isaccson. A little bit of product stuff, include a good Pure Applications System demo from Jason McGee. Sessions are sessions. Got a Portal Server update. WAS update. Saw the Inner Circle Kick Off and Jerry Cuomo's yearly technology trends report. Oh, apparently the trends are Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, and Social. Who knew? The other mantra is Innovate, Transform, Grow. Yup, got it.

In social news, I talked to some people I know included my favorite CTO of Cloud Computing (hi Frank). And very lovely dinner at Bouchon. Best G&T anywhere.

In gambling news, I played for 15 minutes or so and didn't lose. I found a good machine based on The Dark Knight and it paid well. I suppose if I was more adventuresome I would have made more. Or lost more.

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