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04/30/2012 Entry: "2012 IBM Impact/Inner Circle: Day 0"

I had a really nice weekend at home. Busy, mostly cooking, cleaning, and getting ready to go. It didn't even seem like I had much time at home today, not with a 11.12am flight to Las Vegas.

I spent a big chunk of my flight reading old blog stuff. Wow. What a fascinating adventure. Lots of changes, lots of trips, lots of children. OK, two. I realized a bunch of things while reading. I posted a lot more. I posted a lot of information verbatim, sometimes with, sometimes without attribution. I found some articles I totally forgot about.

Angie is right (as usual), I travelled a lot while I was at SVU. There's trips I really don't even remember. And lots of details that I wouldn't remember unless they were documented. There's some good stories in there.

And there were quite of random bits of life in there as well. If I were motivated I'd link them all, but meh. I do feel quite motivated to switch to a wordpress blog and write more. Perhaps I should document the grad school adventure that way.

So far as this even goes. I've been to it in 2001, 2004, 2008-2012. All in Vegas except for 2004 in San Francisco. I bumped into one of my favorite IBMs via Facebook while waiting for a taxi. And on my way to register I bumped into Jason McGee, who I've met before, who did the only good part of the Pure System launch a couple of weeks ago. So I told him! Usually there's just three of us here. Tuesday and Wednesday there will be 8 of us! 7 of us now. I feel quite responsible for them.

So after lunch and registering, we went adventuring. OK, we wandered down the strip. Through Mirage, Caesar's, Bellagio, and then various parts of the City Center complex. We took a tram from Aria back to Bellagio... except that the doors didn't open at Bellagio and made a whole additional round trip. Not fun. Once we made it back to the Palazzo we hooked up with some of our IBM friends and went to the Buffet at Wynn. I'm trying really hard not to over eat. I'm full, no doubt about it, but not stuffed. And then once our night wound down, I ended it by losing $20 in various slot machines. Quickly.

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