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09/01/2011 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, August 2011"

  • 1991-07-16 OMD Cambridge UK Corn Exchange - Audience tape. OK sound. Haven't seen a lot of tapes from this era floating around.

  • 1991-07-30 Muse Los Angeles CA Memorial Coliseum - Is this tour ever going to end? Good modern sound. Fantastic performance as usual.

  • 1987-11-30 Yes Philadelphia PA Spectrum - Supposedly from a pro-shot video. Not the best soundboard then. And there's just some bad Trevor Rabin on here.

  • 1978-07-29 Genesis New York City NY Madison Square Garden - Previously uncirculated! Gabriel encore! Very listenable, but a bit distant.

  • 1978-09-30 Bruce Springsteen Atlanta GA Fox Theatre - New pre-FM! Wow. Amazing sound. Great notes on why this recording isn't in the same league as the rest of the '78 broadcasts at Dime.

  • 2011-07-23 U2 Minneapolis MN TCF Bank Stadium - Ah yet another local U2 show I've skipped. It was super hot and rained. Very good sound considering it rained and it's a big stadium.

  • 2011-07-22 Ben Folds San Francisco CA Warfield - A little bit quiet. Nice longer set like the First Ave show we saw earlier this year.

  • 1985-11-01 Pete Townshend London UK Brixton Academy - The first of the Deep End concerts. With Gilmour of course. An audience recording. A really nice audience recording. Fantastic performance and nice to hear the first night instead of the second night.

  • 1994-01-24 Counting Crows Boston MA Pearl Street Night Club - Not the best soundboard. Good early energetic performance. Too bad the rip from CD was bad. Oh well.

  • 1986-11-16 Stewart Copeland Adrian Belew Stanley Clarke San Francisco CA Warfield Theater - Some type of industry show. 20 minute performance. Good enough sound for the rarity of it.

  • 1975-01-23 Miles Davis Tokyo Japan Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall - For liking this era so much, due to Pangea and Agartha, I've never listened to any MD bootlegs.
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