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06/15/2011 Entry: "June 2011 Facebook RSS errors"

If you've been getting an error in your Facebook friends status RSS feed like

You probably reached this page by entering the guid of a syndicated error message into the location bar of your browser. This probably means that you can't see the feed that you were trying to access. This is probably because the owner of the feed changed his or her privacy settings or deleted content on the feed. You may be able to get access to the feed by contacting the owner of the content being syndicated in that feed.

Here's an easy fix, from the FeedDemon FAQ:

Browse to http://www.facebook.com/posted.php and look in the right sidebar for the RSS icon with "My Friends Links" next to it. To get your status updates, probably the most important feed, locate the URL of your posts feed, then change the URL by replacing share_friends_posts with friends_status.

Seems to work for me, and I finally found out about the Posted feed!

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