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05/01/2011 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, April 2011"

  • 1995-06-08 Prince Miami FL Glam Slam - Another birthday show (although after midnight). Nice soundboard matrix with some audience material creating a complete show.

  • 1971-11-06 Pink Floyd Cleveland OH Case Western Reserve University Emerson Gym - Another one of my favorite shows, since the 11/71 shows are my most favorite! Nice clear tape.

  • 1987-12-10 New Order London UK Wembly Arena - Audience recording. Kinda distorted and hissy with vocals a bit distant.

  • 1971-12-02 Pink Floyd Brussels Belgium - Vorst National - Ah the December '72 shows. Ended with Childhood's End. Never ever sounding that good, until now. Very listenable.

  • 1987-09-25 Marillion Billy's Old Mill - For me, a great day in rock history. I was in Philly seeing U2 (with Bruce showing up). The last performance of Echoes was in Chicago. And there was this Marillion show. I've had this on tape for a zillion years, but never heard a pre-FM before.

  • 1983-06-29 New Order Minneapolis MN First Avenue - From a pro-shot (house) video. Too bad the sound is a little distant and hissy, but it's mixed well. Much more listenable than I though. The audio is not from the board though since I can hear some people talking.

  • 2011-04-14 Prince Los Angeles CA The Forum - 3.5 hours? Really? Kinda rockin'. Good guitar. That's a long Prince show.

  • 1971-10-xx Pink Floyd Pompeii Italy Amphitheater - Speed corrected and tweaked from original VHS. Seriously? It's been wrong since then?

  • 2011-03-25 OMD Los Angeles CA The Music Box - Soundcheck! Someone record the Amoeba Records in-store as well as the LA soundcheck and show. Thank god!

  • 1995-02-21 Bruce Springsteen New York City Tramps - The original E Street Band reunion. Rehearsal and video shoot for Murder Inc. Soundboard. I'll never understand how stuff like this leaks out.

  • 1988-08-01 Pink Floyd Copenhagen Denmark Annabel's Disco and Night Club - From silvers! Cleaned up really well. Godfathers Records has been doing some really nice work lately.

  • 2007-05-10 Pink Floyd London UK Barbian Centre - bonus tracks from above. Last public Rick Wright performance for Syd's tribute. Includes Roger's performance.. and really Roger, you had to do your own song?

  • 2011-04-21 Prince Los Angeles CA The Forum - Second night. Much short and different set list.

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