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04/14/2011 Entry: "Travel week days 6-8?: Impact and going home?"

The rest of Tuesday (Day 6) was fun. Big Impact event (ok, pretty much the same as last year) where I bumped into someone I had not seen in probably about 3 years. So we had a nice time catching up. Eventually we made our way over to Tryst at Wynn for the big Prolifics party. Again, pretty much the same as last year, except that I had walking vodka instead of walking scotch.

Wednesday (Day 7) has been a long day. Sessions for most of the day. Got stood up for a meeting. Saw Grady Booch speak, which was pretty cool. And then started to wrap things up. Big Inner Circle party before Jersey Boys. I skipped the show and the big party was not necessarily that great. Nice to be outside along the strip before it got too windy. Did some shopping with my Vegas travelling companions and then a bit more for the fam. Gosh I hope they like what I got them.

Thursday (Day 8?). It's not quiet Thursday here in Vegas, but it is at home and I'm getting ready to fly home, so I'm not sure which time zone I should be paying attention to. All I know is that I've been away from my kids, wife, bed, and shower way too long. Work can wait. Thursday (today?) is going to be a long day with a field trip to Target Field (the reason why I'm returning early) and then 2nd Grade Parent Night.

And that's Travel Week. And there's none planned until August.

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