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10/01/2010 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, September 2010"

  • 2010-08-27 Rush St. Paul MN Minnesota State Fair Grandstand - great sound all things considered. Alex's birthday show. Sounded like a blast of a show.

  • 2010-07-01 Phil Collins Montreux Switzerland Stravinski Hall - All motown. Seriously. Sigh... and a bit boomy.

  • 1983-08-19 Talking Heads Forest Hills NY Tennis Stadium - Ah the great Speaking in Tongues tour. Brilliant staging is lost in an audio recording. Still a good show though. Excellent sound.

  • 2010-06-25 Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood Glastonbury UK Park Stage - Quiet crowdy recording. But a nice find!

  • 2010-08-29 Fatboy Slim SW4 Festival - Big fat beats!

  • 1981-05-07 Debbie Harry Chris Stein Chic New York City NY Bond's International Casino - A big disco/punk/rap mashup! Seriously... Chic backing up Debbie Harry doing two Blondie songs and then Good Times and Rapper's Delight with Fab Five Freddie. I never would have believed it!

  • 1975-11-24 Bruce Springsteen London UK Hammersmith Odeon - Different show than what was release officially. 20 songs, 9 covers! Soundboard, but pretty typical Bruce '75 not perfectly clean.

  • 2010-08-28 Chemical Brothers Oakland CA Fox Theater - Argh, mp3. and a tiny bit is missing. A bit distant and boomy.

  • 1993-04-12 Prince San Francisco CA DNA Lounge - A newly released stream on Wolfgang's Vault. Where's the rest of the show. For a soundboard, it's a bit distant. I can't remember how the whole thing sounds.

  • 2010-09-15 Roger Waters Toronto Canada Air Canada Center - Really? This is what he put together? I must be missing something awesome in the visuals, because it's not adventurous musically. Fine recording. Just crowdy.

  • 1969-02-02 Led Zeppelin Toronto CA The Rockpile - First Canadian appears. Really rough recording. All covers, pretty much.

  • 1967-09-13 Pink Floyd Copenhagen Denmark Star Cub - One of the earliest known Floyds from a 3rd gen. Cleaned up pretty well.

  • 1997-07-17 Eric Clapton Vitoria Spain - EC and jazzos doing jazz. Soundboard. Pretty nice, but too bad it's not complete.

  • 1971-10-27 Pink Floyd Chicago IL Auditorium Theater - 2nd gen speed corrected. Not the best sound, but now there's no hiss. 9 songs, 145 minutes: brilliant stuff. Fantastic performance.

  • 1987-08-26 New Order New York City NY Pier 84 - I used to have this on vinyl. Great show. I'm getting the impression that there's two recordings. Not sure which is better. And I think I already have both burned. No idea why I downloaded this again.

  • 2009-06-20 OMD Liverpool UK Philharmonic Hall - from official video. How did it take me so long to find this? Great versions of classic songs. The new orchestra piece is, eh.

  • 1993-04-12 Prince San Francisco CA DNA Lounge - A newly released stream on Wolfgang's Vault. Ah, there's the rest of the show.
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