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08/02/2010 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, July 2010"

  • 2010-04-18 Orbital Indio CA Coachella Gobi Tent - Distant Audience recording... a little quiet. 51 minute set seems short too!

  • 2010-05-18 Peter Hook Manchester UK FAC 251 The Factory - An all Joy Division set. Not great sound.

  • 2010-06-29 Rush Albuquerque NM Hard Rock Casino presents The Pavilion - Opening night! Not the super best sound, but very listenable. I like the collection of photos in the torrent!

  • 2010-07-03 DEVO Apple Valley MN Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater - This is one of the thing that I love the most about listening to and collecting live shows: listening to a show I couldn't attend. Broke my heart not to go. I've still never seen DEVO. Great clear recording!

  • 2010-06-03 Freebass Glasgow UK King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - Peter Hook side project. Amazingly good recording, sadly the tunes were not that good.

  • 1984-04-02 New Order Zuerich Switzerland Theatersaal im Volkshaus - Broadcast! Complete show and interviews. Not sure why I don't already have this show, it's got some pretty good sound.

  • 1987-09-19 Pink Floyd Philadelphia PA JFK Stadium - Previously unknown master. A rare show with Echoes and Shine On. I was at JFK a week later for U2 and that's ONE big stadium. Interestingly enough... PF played JFK in a festival setting in 1968. They were also offered $1M to do the Wall there, but declined. Pretty good sound, considering.

  • 1994-06-07 Prince Miami FL Glam Slam - from video (and sounds it). I still think that '94-'95 was the second zenith in his career after the mid-80s. Plus, he really liked to play guitar! You'd think it would sound less VHS-y.

  • 2010-07-05 Rush Chicago IL Charter One Pavillion at Northerly Island - A little bit of wind noise.

  • 2010-06-26 Pet Shop Boys Glastonbury UK - Broadcast rip. Awesome sound. Incomplete though? Only 84 minutes.

  • 1985-07-15 Live Aid - I listened to all that I have on CD. There's some awesome parts and some sucky parts. I still think that my tapes of the MTV broadcast sound much better and aren't chopped up. But I haven't digitized them so really I can't complain.

  • 1995-10-14 Belly Pittsburgh PA Metropol - I like Belly. Good rocking stuff with an angelic voice leading it. Too bad they only have 2 albums. A little bit hissy and distorted at time. Mostly good.

  • 1971-07-01 Pink Floyd Ossiach Austria Stitschoff - 3rd gen remastered/pitched. Sounds good, but still hissy.

  • 2010-06-23 Passion Pit St. Louis MO The Pageant - Incomplete! Damn. Nice recording and pretty much the same as the show I saw.

  • 2010-07-11 Prince Viage Brussels Belgium - Aftershow. Really nice recording, kinda boring show.
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