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05/03/2010 Entry: "2010 IBM Impact-Inner Circle: Day 0"

I arrived in Las Vegas just in time for dinner with IBM and customers. There were a lot of people that I knew and who knew me. Since this is my 5th WebSphere conference, and 3rd year in a row, that's bound to happen!

I should have mentioned that my NWA branded plane on Delta had WiFi on it and I was able to hit google news for free. That was cool.

At the Venetian again. I like it here because the room is big (not like I'll be in it) and the bathroom is nice. Like last year I've got a nice view of the strip.

Dinner was OK. Lots of free flowing wine was good. We went to the "center bar" at the center of the Venetian casino and I got some Scotch! Woo! Scotch is nice.

So it's super late (relatively speaking for a Sunday night/Monday morning). Must retire since I've got a long long day ahead of me!

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