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05/01/2010 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, April 2010"

  • 1982-06-22 New Order Milan Italy Rollingstone - remastered audience recording, but still some hiss and missing some bottom end. Not my favorite era: very dark and moody although with a great ending jam.

  • 1990-08-26 Stevie Ray Vaughan EasT Troy WI Alpine Valley Music Theater - The last SRV show, in much better sound than I've heard before.

  • 1981-10-11 Prince Los Angeles CA Memorial Coliseum - Poor sounding, but infamous show where Prince was booed off stage opening for the Rolling Stones.

  • 1996-01-15 The Cardigans Manchester UK University - Short early show. Nice DAT sound.

  • 1997-03-08 The Cardigans San Francisco The Concourse - FM broadcast. Better sound than above, and they are a bit more polished.

  • 1989-06-16 New Order Irvine CA Irvine Meadows Amphitheater - remaster of stolen band soundboard (STASH) tape.

  • 1969-12-06 Pink Floyd Port Talbot UK Afan Lido Indoor Sports Centre - 1st gen fragments. Hissy but really good sound.

  • 1992-10-14 The Orb Leeds UK University - sounds nice, I just wish that this was lossless and not in mp3.

  • 1969-06-22 Pink Floyd Manchester UK Free Trade Hall - Fantastically recording of The Man and The Journey. Now cleaned up!

  • 1987-02-06 Frankie Goes To Hollywood Berlin German Deutschlandhalle - I don't think that I've heard a Frankie boot before. Not the best sound, but I do like their albums, so it's worth it!

  • 1987-04-19 Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Robert Cray Chicago IL Limelight Club - SB club show after the normal EC show that night. Lots of guitars!

  • 1989-12-03 Paul McCartney Rosemont IL Rosemont Horizon - Yes! Yet another show I was at. An OK audience recording. I was thinking about this show again after listening to it. Back in '89 Paul hadn't toured in forever, unlike now when he can't seem to stop. And I was pretty excited to see a Beatle. The show is half cheesy, and Paul seems like "the cute one" with his banter, but I'm sure it's all the same each night. He's a bit too professional.

  • 1981-05-13 New Order Paris France Palais Des Arts - Good early show from their first european tour. No soundcheck resulted in a show opening jam. Nice sound!
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