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10/25/2009 Entry: "Prince 1995 Experiences"

Found some night after the show review of three times I saw Prince at Paisley Park. Thought that I'd slightly edit them and post them

Prince: Chanhassen MN Paisley Park 8/26/1995
The show was Tha Bomm! We waited outside for about 2 hours before we got in. Got inside went right up to the front of the stage a waited for three hours. Basically, we were on the left side, about 5-10 feet away from his mike and I was 1 foot away from his monitor. The stage was about 2 feet high so we were in a perfect place. Mr. Hayes was about 3 feet away from me, and ChickenMan was about 15 feet away (towards the back).

He came out and played guitar from behind the screen that was still showing videos. Sounded like Sometimes It Snows In April. Just noodling around for a couple of minutes and then HE PLAYED IT! I just about died. Sadly he played 7 and Dolphin. Killer Peach for a long long time. Played *all* of Bambi! Did this amazing version of Race where he and tommy just jumped around playing their Axxes. Then he started play the keyboard riff from Girls And Boys (like he did at the Berlin show last November). He went up to the mic and sung a verse and chorus. It was the shit!

Then they just kept playing around. Oh, right before he did 7 which was like the 4th song, during the intro the keyboard intro to Around The World In A Day was played. When he did Girls And Boys I was starting to think that it was going to be a Parade tour like show. Not too many complete songs.... The last 40 minutes just jammed. Started to do I Hate U and went right into 319 that broke down into Superhero. Did most of BJB. No Pussy Control. Did a cool version of Dark (in the...). Played the small eye bass for Days Of Wild which ended the set, but even that broke down to a song that no one knew.

Prince: Chanhassen MN Paisley Park 9/9/1995
People who had tickets were let in first, relatively early at 9.15. We walked right up to the front and we directly in front of his mike. Only one person separated me from the stage.

Suprisingly enough the gig started at 11.45.

He started with the Purple Medley, and with that there was a huge surge and all hell broke loose. My legs are sore this morning from trying to stand my ground. Many chicks were all over me, and not necessarily in a good way. The Kids like the Purple Medley.

The high light of the night was Pussy Control LIVE! As soon as it started I was shouting and one of the large (did I say large) black ladies said That's my song! Ok. It rocked. Even funkier! We were all doing the chorus.

Went from Pussy Control into Letitgo and did all of it. He was in a great mood. Having lots of fun. I was close enough too >see that his cuticles are in much better shape than mine. Caught eye contact with him a few times. End with Get Wild about 1.15, no encore.

Prince: Chanhassen MN Paisley Park 10/28/1995
I'm not really sure... and I was there. They did crowd shots for about 20-30 minutes... a comedian did a routine and then Nona Gaye did a song from the Marvin Gaye tribute album. Prince came out and did The Return Of The Bump Squad, The Jam, The Ride and Bambi. End of show. It was scarey the number of people I recognized. We got there about 10.30 and walked right in and even got a good spot... about 10-12 feet away from the stage. It was really cool to see all the cameras and stuff. On one side of the soundstage they roped it off and had about 20 guitars hang in the air... looked like a cool piece of art!

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