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09/01/2009 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, August 2009"

  • 1987-06-10 New Order Manchester UK Hacienda - Soundcheck & show... from video.

  • 1970-01-23 Pink Floyd Paris Frane Théatre Des Champs-Elysées - I've listened to many version of this show, but I don't think that I've listened to the original AM broadcast. Sigh. Should be better, but it is a fantastic show.

  • 1973-06-03 Bruce Springsteen Cleveland OH Agora Ballroom - A classic broadcast that I haven't listened to in a million years. Much much better sound than my old crappy tape.

  • 1969-08-08 Pink Floyd Plumpton UK Plumpton Racecourse - Wow.. I don't believe I've heard a version of this show this clear... mono but an excellent listen.

  • 1991-02-05 Living Colour Minneapolis MN Orpheum Theater - I guess this would have been my fourth LC that I attended. Kind of a fuzzy recording. I wonder if my old tape is better? I wonder who taped this... Because I'm pretty sure I can hear myself on it, but I don't remember going with a taper.

  • 2009-06-13 Bruce Springsteen Manchester TN Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival What Stage - A nice (but low sounding) 3 source matrix.

  • 1969-06-08 The Who Minneapolis MN Guthrie Theater - A great sounding Tommy show. Very good sound, and a 19 minute jam. Nice.

  • 1987-05-28 Genesis Philadelphia PA Veterans Stadium - Another show I was at. Nice and distant and slightly hissy... just like I like 'em.

  • 1990-06-05 Eric Clapton New York City The Armoury - Perfect soundboard rehersals for the "International Rock Awards" which didn't last too long as an award show.

  • 1991-08-03 Guns and Roses Inglewood CA Great Western Forum - Over 3 hours and 39 minutes! Longest GnR show ever. What a marathon! Good sound, nothing fantastic.

  • 2009-08-20 U2 Sheffield UK Don Valley Stadium - FM broadcast. Can't complain about a thing. Also downloaded the webcast to compare to.
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