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05/06/2009 Entry: "Day 2: 2009 IBM Impact and Inner Circle"

Today was a little bit better than the day before. The main tent was less interesting and not as full of annoucements, however, the Audi CTO talked. Not that he talked about anything relavant to the conference, but it was nice to hear him talk. Heard some good stuff today about CloudBurst and WebSphere Hypervisor Edition. Also got some good info on WebSphere Message Broker V7.

Big party tonight. Played some good Elvis pinball and then KC and the Sunshine Band showed up. Ugh. So we left and went to a party at Tao hosted by someone. Got cornered by a sales exec who is a former boss of my current boss. Not a very comfortable situation.

Wednesday night is Blue Man Group and Angie comes into town so things will be better. Must go to bed, it's way too late! (Oh, and no gambling today, so I didn't lose any money).

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