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02/28/2009 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, February 2009"

  • 1971-08-07 Led Zeppelin Montreaux Switzerland - A bit more distant and hissy than I'd like. Good show. Always interesting to listen to shows where Stairway To Heaven is an unknown song.

  • 1997-12-22 Propellerheads BBC Radio 1 The Breezeblock - I expected a better mix.

  • 1995-06-29 Belly Roskilde Denmark Roskilde Festival - Short excerpt of show, just 30 minutes. But, as always, Belly rock. FM broadcast is a little distant and too many interruptions from the DJ.

  • 1972-09-23 Pink Floyd San Francisco CA Winterland - Complete? Only 65 minutes. The show the following day was much longer. Supposedly from a master Reel.

  • 2000-04-15 Oasis Minneapolis MN State Theater - Yet another Oasis show I was at. Sound is good enough.

  • 1997-06-21 Beastie Boys BBC Radio 1 The Breezeblock - Just a mix.

  • 1968-05-23 Pink Floyd Amsterdam Holland Paradiso - Early show. Brilliant '68 stuff. Great clean sound. A little bit more free form and loose than I would expect from this era.

  • 1968-05-23 Pink Floyd Amsterdam Holland Paradiso - Late show. Flaming? Really? Why would they perform it. Must be the same taper for both shows due to similarity in sound.

  • 1997-12-23 Death In Vegas Oxford UK The Zodiac - Live set, on BBC1 Breezeblock. Only about 25 minutes.

  • 1984-02-07 Genesis St. Paul MN Civic Center - Supposedly another version of the show that I just recently found. Definitely better sound and much more complete.

  • 1981-09-25 The Rolling Stones Philadelphia PA JFK Stadium - Soundboard. First night of the Tatoo You tour. Can't be from the masters, it's way too muddy.

  • 1984-06-?? Prince Minneapolis MN First Avenue - again.

  • 1987-06-28 Guns N' Roses London UK The Marquee - First euro tour/last UK night. Sadly missing a couple of tracks since they were officially releases. Soundboard! Nice stuff

  • 1970-12-22 Pink Floyd Sheffield UK City Hall - Oh, Mr. Sheffield! An upgrade. A Harvested upgrade at that. Still mostly for the hard core, it's an amazing upgrade. 2.5 hours! 7 songs. Who does't like a show where the shortest song is 12.5 minutes long.

  • 2008-09-27 Ben Folds Storrs CT - A little too quiet.

  • 2005-05-05 New Order New York City NY Hammersmith Ballroom - I got an audience recording of this show right afterwards, but never knew that there was a broadcast! Nice.

  • 1983-08-03 Prince Minneapolis MN First Avenue - again, the rehersal for the Purple Rain show.

  • 2008-02-21 Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton Satima Japan Saitama Super Arena - Separate and together. Haven't listened to a Japanese show in a long time. Great recording and no crowd noise! Great jams, but not very long.

  • 1964-10-20 The Who (The High Numbers) Wealdstone UK Railway Hotel - 35 minutes of soundboard Who from '64! Problably the oldest show I'll ever listen to. Very raw and rocking, and much better sound that I would have imagined.

  • 1966-06-30 The Beatles Tokyo Japan Budokan - From an officially released (but recalled) laserdisc. Sounds much better than any Beatles show I've heard, duh. OTOH, it's not like they are a great live band.

  • 1997-06-23 Death in Vegas BBC Radio 1 The Breezeblock - Live and mixed.

  • 1997-10-23 Lo Fidelity Allstars BBC Radio 1 The Breezeblock - A great long lost big beat band.

  • 1997-10-21 Fatboy Slim BBC Radio 1 The Breezeblock - Oh that Norman... a master of the mix. Wonderwall over a drum and bass beat, awesome!

  • 1997-12-23 Lo Fidelity Allstars Oxford UK The Zodiac - Live set, on BBC1 Breezeblock. Live not a mix.

  • 1997-12-23 Midfield General Oxford UK The Zodiac - Live set, on BBC1 Breezeblock.

  • 1985-05-21 Beastie Boys St. Paul MN Civic Center - I remember that they opened for Madonna on her first tour. Licenesed to Ill was not out yet. Some girl in my chemistry class went and said they sucked. I can not see how that would be possible.
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