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12/31/2008 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, December 2008"

  • 1970-01-23 Pink Floyd Paris France Théatre des Champs-Elysées - Newly surfaced master from the original 1970 broadcast in glorious AM mono sound. Sounds very dated, but so cool to hear the original broadcast.

  • 2008-11-01 Living Colour Amsterdam Holland Paradiso - Soundboard webcast (in FLAC, really?). Some weird sounds in the mix. And sometime they seems to be playing slow, but I guess they are getting old. Two new songs for a 2009 album. Eh.

  • 1972-09-22 Pink Floyd Hollywood CA Hollywood Bowl - One of my favorite Floyd shows, off of a new transfer from the original Reel to Reel. Perhaps the source for Crackers?

  • 2008-09-25 Ben Folds Providence RI Bank Of America Skating Rink - Really nice clean recording, could be a board tape. Full of fake songs and real songs; almost identical to the show in Maplewood.

  • 1970-03-27 Led Zeppelin Los Angeles Forum - A little distant and incomplete. A very loose show though with a 25 minute How Many More Times.

  • 1982-12-30 Marillion London UK Marquee - Fantastic recording (since it was offically done). Right before Script came out. Amazing guitar, almost fonkee at times.

  • 1971-07-24 Yes New Haven CT The Yale Bowl - I've been very proggy lately. Very nice little show, opening from Grand Funk Railroad. Good constrast to the the 11/2008 show I listened to.

  • 1985-08-04 Toronto Canada International Center - From the master, but why would someone need to do a 24 bit transfer of a cassette?

  • 1983-04-15 Ultravox Dortmund Germany Westfalenhalle - Haven't listened to Ultravox in quite a while. This is a great sounding show (from Wolfgang's Vault), but incomplete. Why aren't they more popular? Oh wait, this is just a longer version of Momument. Fail.

  • 1982-01-23 OMD Nice France Theatre de Verdure - Sounds a bit tinny and hissy but very listenable. Why isn't this show complete???

  • 1980-04-28 OMD Paris France Bains-Douches - Sounds better than the '82 Nice show and is longer.

  • 1971-10-17 Pink Floyd San Diego CA Community Concourse - A new transfer of a low gen reel-to-reel. Fantastic show!

  • 2005-04-06 Ben Folds Berlin Germany Columbiahalle - Great sounding soundboard. Supposedly missing a track.

  • 1971-11-05 Pink Floyd Hunter College NY Assembly Hall - Another fall '71 show of exploration and experimentation.

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