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12/24/2008 Entry: "2008 holiday family letter"

Alex’s Highlights
* Being the Kindergartener in Miss Brooke’s class
* Playing Susie Snowflake
* Losing first 2 teeth
* Swimming and Soccer
* Reading Junie B Jones Books
* Taking French &Spanish
* Doing math
* Eating out
* Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s rule free house
* Seeing Bubbe and Jan
* Playing with dolls
* Playing Wii and DS
* Going to McDonalds&Salut
* Jumping on the trampoline while watching The Office
* Riding Bike
* Flintstone Park
* Selling Poinsettias for school

Angie Highlights
* Waiting in line in Maplewood to see Ben Folds
* Switching teams (Windows to Mac)
* Realizing book opportunity, now for the execution…
* Getting through Reign in Blood in Guitar Hero
* Spending time with my Mac (seriously)
* Top speed in SD – 93 (with kids)
* Watching sitcoms while running on the hamster wheel
* Happy hours
* RSS feeds (netnewswire)
* 28 hours in DC, a week in Vegas
* Seeing Aaron in the spring

Family Highlights
* Ariel’s 17th birthday
* South Dakota Road Trip
* House repairs new fireplace, roof, garage door
* Voting for President (kids voted too)
* Cavanaugh Twins (finally ?)
* Luke Eenigenburg
* Seeing The Grande Machine
* Playing with Sarah in 3 states
* The Frowne Song
* The Propellerheads

New Technology
* LCD TV (caused BluRay Player (PS3) and Rock Band, HD DVR - non-Tivo, Speakers, TV Stand)
* Desktop Computer
* Mac Laptop
* iPod Nano

* Losing Tom to Cancer
* Seeing Mark laid up during his leg recovery
* Joel and Jennifer putting their house on the market
* Collateral damage from erroneous information
* Spending a lot of time searching for kindergarten.
* Random chaos at work – undoing last years effort
* Flat tire on the way to work
* Trying to order custom converse shoes
* Lack of Late Friday Happy Hours
* No Oscar Parties

Adam Highlights
* Shiny new home theater
* Video games with the family
* New iPod at the time, now dated – thanks Apple
* 40th Birthday Bash
* Getting out of the state with Angie
* Into the groove at Blue Cross

Ariel Highlights
* Sleeping
* Canned food
* Playing with kids
* Radiator/Window time

* Blackbird
* Moscow on the Hill
* Café Maude
* Corner Table
* Maggiano’s
* Modern Café
* Town Talk Diner
* Grand City Buffet
* 98th Pound Buffet
* Schuller’s Tavern (thanks Tom Fischer)
* Lindee’s Saloon and Eatery

* 45th Parallel Vodka from New Richmond, WI
* Vodka and club soda
* Lady of Leisure (home)
* Gin Spirit (Zeno’s)

Owen’s Highlights
* Wearing underwear
* Putting his own twist on speaking intonation
* Big boy bed
* 1st Friend Birthday Party
* Lysol in the eyes
* Rock Band
* Getting ready to help Grandma and Grandpa with their new house
* Eating more foods ?
* Watering plants
* Moving up to Miss Brooke’s room
* Playing drums at Best Buy
* Scribbling and cutting paper
* Watching Cars

Favorite TV Shows
* 30 Rock
* The Office
* How I Met Your Mother
* Big Bang Theory
* Kids TV (Toot and Puddle, Pinky Dinky Doo, Bob the Builder (not Joe the Plumber))

* Religulous
* Surfwise
* Vicky Cristina Barcelona
* Sex and the City
* Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

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