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Remember A Day

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12/01/2008 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, November 2008"

  • 1969-01-05 Led Zeppelin Los Angeles CA Whisky A Go Go - Amazing that one of their first US gigs was recorded and so well. Mostly covers, but then again so is that first album.

  • 2008-10-28 Counting Crows Montclair NJ Wellmont Theater - "Official bootleg" I wonder why they don't focus their shows on newer material. It seems like the same setlist tour after tour after tour.

  • 2008-09-26 David Gilmour Later with Jools Holland - DG appeared as a memorial to Rick Wright. He performed Wright's Remember A Day, which a) had always been a favorite of mine and b) had never been performed live before!

  • 1987-09-19 Pink Floyd Philadelphia PA JFK Stadium - First set only soundboard. A little muddy but definitely more listenable than the audience recordings I have. My friend Ken was there. 1 week to the day is when we were back there to see U2 perform.

  • 2008-11-01 Beastie Boys St. Paul MN Roy Wilkins Auditorium - Another Obama benefit. Sadly short: only about an hour.

  • 1987-05-28 Prince Vienna Austria U4 - I love Prince aftershows. Sadly, this one (although interesting to listen to) is incomplete and muddy.

  • 1984-03-19 Stevie Ray Vaughan Honolulu HI CBS Records Convention - From a pro-shot video. Lots of guests. Should probably sound a bit better. Some good jams.

  • 2008-11-10 Yes Hampton New Hampshire Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - OK, not really Yes (IMO), just Squire, White, and Howe. That new guy's voice is high but doesn't really sound like Jon. Keyboard guy is just fine in comparison.

  • 1967-07-23 The Who Dallas TX Memorial Auditorium - Much better sound than you'd think a '67 audience recording would have. And in stereo! Pretty much like a greatest hits show, but I suppose back then, not so much. 30 minutes of pure power pop.

  • 2008-10-31 Smashing Pumpkins Columbus OH Newport Music Hall - A twisted mostly acoustic covers show... and then a 21 minute Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. Monster Mash, really?

  • 2008-11-10 David Gilmour Jools Holland Radio Show - Interview and a nice little in studio performance of Albatross (a Fleetwood Mac song).

  • 1972-09-24 Pink Floyd San Francisco CA Winterland - 2 days after one of my favorite shows, at the Hollywood Bowl. Supposed this is a new transfer of a master reel to reel tape. Sound very nice. Great version of On The Run.

  • 2008-10-04 OMD Nottingham UK Royal Centre - I'm not sure why they did another short tour, but at least this one wasn't focused on Architecture and Morality. Fantastic recording.

  • 2008-08-30 Bruce Springsteen Milwaukee WI Veterans Park - Last show of the Magic tour for the Harley-Davidson birthday party. Crazy long show, but sadly there are some really bad edits around disc boundries and half of American Land is missing. I'm still wondering why more sources haven't showed up.

  • 2008-11-21 The Ting Tings Milan Italy Musicdrome - I liked what I heard so far, so I figured I'd grab this show and listen to it.

  • 1982-09-13 Glascow UK The Mayfair - First disc of a 6 CD official bootleg set, so really... perfect sound.

  • 2008-08-04 Radiohead Cleveland OH Blossom Music Theater - Fantasic recording, but these later era shows just don't have any of the excitement of previous tours.
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