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10/31/2008 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, October 2008"

  • 1973-06-22 Pink Floyd Buffalo NY War Memorial - Normal '73 set list. Clear, but a bit tinny. It's suppose to be the return of the Yeeshkul guy show but I can never hear it. Oh wait, listening again, yeah... Yeehskul. Ticket scan showed that it was a $4 show. Amazing. $240 for me to see Roger Waters first row. So at those rates, it would be about $1k to see the whole Floyd?

  • 1988-05-18 Philip Glass' Fall Of The House Of Usher Cambridge MA American Repertory Theater - I don't think that I've ever heard this opera before. Nice snag!

  • 1984-06-?? Prince Minneapolis MN First Avenue - Another rehersal. This time for his 1984 birthday show. Some odd arrangements. Not as clear as the amazing 8/3/83 soundboard. Tons of fun though. Some great guitar solos.

  • 2008-09-21 The Orb YouFM Lounge - Actually an Alex Patterson DJ set, but it's all (new-ish) Orb material. Actually it's a bit more funky and listenable that most of the new Orb stuff.

  • 1985-07-19 The Power Station Houston TX Southern Star Ampitheatre - Streamed off of Wolfgang's Vault. You'd think that it would sound better. Good stereo separation. Performance is just as crappy when I saw them in Minneapolis a few weeks later. All in all, a completely horrible experience to listen to.

  • 1979-06-28 DEVO Santa Cruz CA Civic Auditorium - Yet another recent master. At least 5 unreleased songs! Those Darn Girls is a great song. Lively, energetic set.

  • 1994-07-03 Pink Floyd Madison WI Camp Randall Stadium - My last Floyd show recently turned up as a master. It rained at the end of the show, that wasn't fun. Clear recording, a bit distance and phazed at times.

  • 2008-10-04 Bruce Springsteen Philadelphia PA Ben Franklin Parkway - First of three solo acoustic shows for Obama. A nice little show. Some different arrangements. How does he keep changing them???

  • 2008-09-27 Fatboy Slim Brighton UK Big Beach Boutique 4 - Oh yeah! Over 100 minutes of stomping big beat right on Brighton Beach! Nice mix but the station IDs and commericals. Take all of the fun out.

  • 2007-07-07 Prince Minneapolis MN Macy's - The first of three shows that day. Are 2 Shiela E's really necessary

  • 1979-07-21 DEVO New York City NY The Palladium - The last of the "new" masters that surfaced. And another show with the most excellent Those Darn Girls. Otherwise pretty typical of the era.

  • 1995-08-26 Prince Chanhassen MN Paisley Park Studios - One of the many shows in '95 that I went to at The Park. Great sound. Great show. So much fun! OK, except for Dolphin.
  • 2008-10-05 Bruce Springsteen Columbus OH OSU - 2nd Obama benefit. Introduced by John Glenn!

  • 1986-06-15 U2 East Rutherford NJ Giants Stadium - Somewhere at home I have my masters of the MTV broadcast, but I though since it was posted I should grab it. What an amazing performance. Less than a year after starting to conquer the world at Live Aid, this performance continued to launch them beyond their hopes and dreams. Sun City has some very complicated guitar work for Edge to play.

  • 1986-06-15 Peter Gabriel East Rutherford NJ Giants Stadium - Probably the best ear for Gabriel from a performance perspective. Too bad I've never seen him.

  • 1995-09-09 Prince Chanhassen MN Paisley Park Studios - My favorite Prince show that I attended. Very long versions of Days of Wild, Get Wild and Race, which are tons of fun live. Also, in true Prince style, he talked about how he was going to perform on the '95 season premier of SNL. Of course, that never happened. And oh, yeah, I was about 2 people away from the stage..

  • 2008-10-06 Bruce Springsteen Ypsilanti MI Oestrike Stadium - 3rd of the Obama acoustic shows.

  • 1987-09-25 U2 Philadelphia PA JFK Stadium - I had the make the choice of going to Philly to see U2 or going to Chicago to see Pink Floyd. Did I pick wrong by seeing U2? Not sure... I might have missed the last performance of Echoes. But, I was on the floor of the stadium (pretty much a GA show). The bass in Exit hurt my chest it was so intense. I could barely see a thing, but I got lifted up to see Bruce Springsteen when he came out to play Stand By Me. And why is that performance only in the Rattle And Hum outtakes??? Fantastic show!

  • 1984-10-25 Prince Minneapolis MN 7th Street Entry - Prince in the small room. Nice. A nice little show of little Prince material. Odd 36 minute bonus track of jamming through various songs of that era. Much better sound that the show.

  • 1970-04-29 Pink Floyd San Francisco KQED Studios - A recent upgrade (DVD and CD). What a great show!

  • 1994-08-14 Prince Minneapolis MN First Avenue - A short Purple Rain tour club show before the formal start of the tour. Sex Machine! Awesome. Except for that, it's all 1999 and Purple Rain material. Another fantastic soundboard.

  • 1981-03-?? OMD Toronto Canada Edge Club - Never heard this one before. Really clean sound. Only 50 minutes of an A&M show though.

  • 1997-06-28 U2 Chicago IL Soldier Field - U2 show number 4 for me. Pop Mart was a crazy tour. Lovely excess. Good recording, but missing one song oddly enough.

  • 2008-10-17 DEVO Akron OH Akron Civic Theater - First home town show in a extremely long time. Chrissy Hynde shows up an they do a new Pretenders song, which is very odd since I can't think of any DEVO show where they've had a guest. Weird. Perhaps DEVO should go on Yo Gabba Gabba!

  • 1972-10-30 Yes Kitchener Canada University of Waterloo - Been dying to hear some Yes lately, but this is a bad vinyl rip with some incomplete songs. I wish I would have known that before.

  • 2008-08-09 Bootie San Francisco CA DNA Lounge - 6.5 hours of bastard pop, mashups, and bootlegs (the other kind) from Bootie's 5th Anniversary party.

  • 1981-11-24 Klaus Schultz Berlin Germany Mariannenplatz - Noodling from a former Tangerine Dream member. Not sure why I wanted to listen to it.

  • 1989-06-15 Living Colour Lyon France Le Truck - From the master. Quiet, but nice sound. Well mixed.

  • 2008-10-24 The Who Boston MA TD Banknorth Garden - Nice sound. Had no idea they were on tour right now. This is even more of the Pete and Roger Travelling Who Revue, Featuring The Music Of The Who than the 1989 tour. Kinda lame performances actually.

  • 1973-10-09 Genesis Glasgow UK Apollo Theater - Some rough listening here. Newly surfaced master of a rescheduled show. Always good to hear The Knife.
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