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09/22/2008 Entry: "Lotus Leadership Alliance: Day 1"

So I'm a whore for IBM at times. This is now the third customer council that I've participated in. I'm accompanied to this event with two coworkers who have collaboration interests. I'm working with an IBM IT Architect that I've known for a while to help them through the maze of IBMers.

Last night was good, but I was reminded this morning that sushi is not a good base for a lot of gin. I was hoping to read email on my balcony this morning, but it was pitch black at 6am! And humid. And the wireless was just not with it. Nice room though. It's a handicap room so there's no tub. Just a walk in shower. Crappy head though. I always miss my shower when I travel.

So today I believe that I'll be sitting in a room from about 8am until 5.30 and then there's a dinner. So another long social day. Get it... social networking. Tomorrow will be full of breakouts (sadly, not the classic 80s game).

I'm sure that I'll post more later.

So now it's later. Quite the interesting day and conference format. ALL DAY IN THE SAME ROOM! Not so cool. Got updates and directions on each of the major Lotus product families. All I can say is that they are taking E2.0 very seriously and I wish that I could licence Bluehouse to run internally. I'll have to talk to some product managers about that.

At the end of the day Chris Gardner, the guy who is profiled in The Pursuit of Happyness spoke. Very charasmatic guy and very inspiring... and sniff sniff, makes me miss my kids.

A nice short break (about an hour or so) and then we've got a group dinner. So I'm jacked in with the door open to the ocean breeze. Can't sit out tonight since the wifi is not quite robust enough and neither is my blackberry signal. But now my hotel room is all humid.

Very happy to have some robes delivered with housekeeping. How could I live without them???

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