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09/01/2008 Entry: "Concerts I've listened to, August 2008"

  • 2008-08-01 Radiohead Chicago IL Grant Park - Radiohead lately has not been as exciting as they once were. Great show, but nothing outstanding.

  • 1979-12-08 OMD London UK The Electric Ball Room - Early OMD shows sound fairly similar, but it's great when their equipement break down: remember it's just the two of them.

  • 2008-07-25 Counting Crows Virginia Beach VA Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - For some reason it seems like they only want to tour during the summer and play the hits. Hardly anything from the new CD.

  • 1988-07-02 Eric Clapton Bramley UK Wintershall Estate - I'm starting to dig the Clapton benefit shows. Good stuff.

  • 1982-03-08 Prince Minneapolis MN First Avenue - A classic show with Prince egging on Morris Day.

  • 2008-08-03 Nine Inch Nails Chicago IL Grant Park - Better than Radiohead at Lollapooloza.

  • 1989-07-30 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Buddy Guy Chicago IL Buddy Guy's Legands - Some nice jams.

  • 1986-03-03 Prince Minneapolis MN First Avenue - One of my favorite Prince shows. Prince had "retired" from touring to be a movie movie star. After less than a year this was a come back show. Fonkee!

  • 2008-08-08 Girl Talk Jersey City, NJ Liberty State Park - Girl Talk put on a mash-tacular show. Sadly, this sound is a bit saturated.

  • 2006-05-20 Eric Clapton Hampshire UK Highclere Castle - Ditto previous Clapton comments.

  • 1983-12-02 New Order Bournemouth UK Town Hall - I have no idea what was special about this show. Haven't heard any good live newOrder recently.

  • 1981-03-14 OMD Los Angeles CA Whisky-A-Go-Go - Sadly I found this only on MP3. Nice early US gig.

  • 1967-09-04 Cream Los Angeles CA Whisky-A-Go-Go (early show) - OK, funny that the next show I listen to was Cream. Nothing like the OMD show. Good Cream.

  • 2008-08-24 2Many DJs Liverpool UK Creamfields - Actually kind of disappointing for 2 Many DJs. Not that fonkee.

  • 1967-09-04 Cream Los Angeles CA Whisky-A-Go-Go (late show) - Ditto early show.

  • 1980-02-01 The Police Seattle WA Showbox - Hot. Really hot. Very energic and punky.

  • 1967-09-13 Pink Floyd Copenhagen Denmark The Star Club - Hot! Really hot as well. Forgot how good this sounds. And a fairly weird show makes me wish that there was more pre-70 stuff in circulation.

  • 1993-04-25 Living Colour Mineapolis MN First Avenue - Had not heard this since I was there. I love it when shows I was at show up. The other night they played Prince's 17 Days. I'd like that to show up as well.

  • 2007-01-27 Girl Talk Seattle WA Chop Suey - Supposed to be a legandardy show. Sounds great. Can't remember if there was anything super special about it.

  • 1989-08-25 New Order Reading UK Festival - People forget about this show since the '93 Reading show was so rememerable, and the GMEX '88 shows was a big comeback. I suppose this bookends the Technique tour. The soundboards from that tour are much better.

  • 2008-08-07 The Police New York City NY Madison Square Garden - Exciting that the Police finally do covers (Sunshine of Your Love and Purple Haze). But everything sounds slow and Sting's voice low. Lame. Not a great career finale. Oh wait, it's not the Synchronicity tour.

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