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08/29/2008 Entry: "Warners To Release Re-mastered, Re-issues of New Order’s five seminal ‘80s albums"

According to New Order Online:

On 28th September Rhino Records will re-issue one of the most consistent and influential music catalogues of the 1980s, that of New Order. All five albums will come with bonus discs featuring extended versions, b-sides and remixes, as well as extensive sleevenotes, including interviews with all four band members.

The re-issues are double Disc Collectors editions. Each disc features both the album remastered from the original master tapes and, a bonus disc containing non album singles, B sides and remixes.

Highlights of the bonus discs include.

Movement- The early Singles and b-sides. Both versions of Ceremony, the original Temptation 7” and 12”, Everything’s Gone Green 12” and rarity Cries and Whispers

Power, Corruption and Lies- The 12” singles versions of Blue Monday, Confusion, Thieves Like Us and Murder. And their flips The Beach, Confused Beats, Lonesome Tonight and Thieves Like Us Instrumentals.

Low-Life- More 12” single versions of album tracks and their b-sides. The full 17 min Elegia. Let’s Go Instrumental and Salvation Theme from the film soundtrack.

Brotherhood- The 12” Touched By The Hand Of God and Blue Monday 88 remix. Dance mixes from Shep Pettibone of Bizarre Love Triangle and True Faith, with its rare B-side Evil Dust.

Technique – The 12” singles Run2 and Round and Round, and rare b-sides MTO, Best and Marsh and Vanishing Point Instrumental. The Steve Silk Hurley remix of Fine Time and b-sides Don’t Do It and Fine Line. New Order’s last release on Factory Records and only NO 1 UK Single, World In Motion in it’s Carabinieri mix.

So "woo hoo!" for remastering. I'm sure that my 1986-era copy of Low-life will sound much better now. But "boo hoo!" for bonus tracks. I've got them all; several times over already. Seriously, is everything out of the vault?

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