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08/28/2008 Entry: "wolfgangsvault.com legal settlement"

According to the LA Times:

The 1960s-era rock band the Doors and musician Carlos Santana reached a tentative settlement of claims accusing a music archive of violating their rights by selling merchandise and offering free online recordings.

The musicians and their licensing companies, including Sony BMG Music Entertainment, reached the proposed agreement last week with the Bill Graham Archive and its chief executive, William Sagan, according to a filing in federal court in San Jose.

So that's kind of interesting. I wish that there were more details since I've never quite understood the rights that were agreed to by Bill Graham and the artists back in the day. And I've always wondered why wolfgangsvault.com wasn't being shut down faster. There must be some intersting contracts in play.

However, I did find this nugget in the article as well:

In October, U.S. District Judge James Ware dismissed most counterclaims filed by the Bill Graham Archive against the musicians. Sagan had argued that they conspired to destroy his San Francisco-based business by seeking to block the sales.

Destroy. I like that. William Sagan must have good lawyers and really solid contracts.

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