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06/22/2008 Entry: "OMD Live Architecture & Morality & More CD and DVD issues"

A couple of weeks ago I order the OMD Architecture & Morality & More CD and DVD. I really wanted the import CD but was having problems finding it so I figured I'll just get the domestic. (Probably a big mistake and a bad move for a collector.) The track listing was the same online even though the OMD official site said it wasn't. So I get the CD and there's a sticker on it stating certain tracks were only available digitally and contact customer service for more info. I wrote them and they got back to me pretty quickly with a URL to download the tracks. Pretty impressive. The OMD site posted a week or so ago that the DVD that was shipping was accidently mastered in PAL instead of NTSC. So again, I write the company and they are fixing it. I've never been so disappointed with a set of releases, and then so pleased with a record companies customer services!

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Mine was labeled NTSC, but was mastered in PAL as well. All players said "incompatible" so I checked the specs and it was video format "pal".

Posted by Joe @ 09/19/2008 11:29 PM CST

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