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12/26/2007 Entry: "2007 family holiday letter"

Alex’s Highlights:
* Dance Recital
* Swimming
* French Class
* Miss Brooke
* Sushi
* Big Brain Academy for the Wii
* Spring and Holiday Programs
* Running around in summer (short sleeve shirts and shorts)
* The Works fieldtrip
* Playing Ball at School
* Reading all by herself with no one even helping
* Doing Math
* Favorite Food: McDonalds and Salut
* Birthday at Pump It Up

Trips (work and personal):
* Chicago (2x)
* Atlanta
* San Francisco (4x)

Angie’s Highlights:
* Running
* Hair experimentation
* Best impatiens so far
* Mom’s night
* Midrange Happy Hours
* Top of the Mark
* Monthly late happy hours
* Showing Joel and Jen the State Fair
* Seeing Stuart on birthday

Adam’s Highlights:
* Seeing Roger Waters front row, center
* Playing video games with family
* Working at Best Buy
* Staying home more than Angie
* Visiting Jim and Lisa and seeing Rush

2008 Goals:
* Read 4 books – No tolerance for James Joyce right now – learned that in 2007
* Balance working out, social time, reading/writing and house cleaning/project time
* Be happy with new job (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
* Read a novel
* Bike outside
* Write real blog entries
* Potty Train
* Preschool
* Kindergarten
* Go to Mark and Curt’s pool more

Family Highlights:
* Sarah (new cousin)
* Duluth Vacation
* House Clean Bill of Health from Electrician
* Ariel’s 16th birthday
* WI time
* Spending time with our new neighbors

* Migration of friends from Allianz
* Tivo, Basement Fridge and Dryer breaking on Thanksgiving week
* Health issues with friends
* Taking the redeye from SF, showering and going to the State Fair.
* Saying good-bye to Ms. Nalini
* Working for Accenture
* Sourcing and Combining orgs at Allianz
* Leaving Children’s World

New Music:
* The White Stripes: Icky Thump
* The Fratellis: Costello Music
* Bruce Springsteen: Magic
* The Flight of the Concords
* 30 Seconds From Mars: A Beautiful Lie
* Justice: Cross
* Mashups

WERG Highlights:
* Phil’s Tara Hideaway
* The Zephyr

Owen’s Highlights:
* Going to Step by Step and Holiday Program
* Walking backwards uphill at 15 months after ear surgery (tubes)
* Breaking kitchen drawers (3 so far)
* Going Potty
* Playing with Sticks
* Going fishing with Grandma and Grandpa
* Talking – Okay may be his favorite word so gar
* Abby, Abby, Abby

Memorable Foods, Drinks and establishments:
* Pear Martini
* Wine by Joe
* Effen Vodka (Black Cherry)
* Friday Quick Drinks at Big Bowl
* Modern Café
* Leinie’s Summer Shandy Beer
* Sushi at the Mall
* Cheesecake Factory:
* Gin Rickey
* Strawberry Martini
* Black Forest’s Sauerkraut martini (not a fond memory)

Favorite Games:
* Guitar Hero (Wii)
* Planet Puzzle League (DS)
* Metroid Prime Pinball (DS)
* Rayman Raving Rabbids (Wii)
* Big Brain Academy (Wii and DS)

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Too funny. What happened to all the work trips you used to take?

Posted by John D @ 01/10/2008 01:03 PM CST

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