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10/26/2007 Entry: "Pink Floyd Oh By The Way Box Set detail emerging"

From the great A Fleeting Glimpse site:

Pink Floyd Oh By The Way box set

The entire Pink Floyd Studio Collection packaged as CD / Mini-vinyl reproductions.
Limited Edition Pressing of only 10,000 Boxes
16 CDs (14 Albums including two doubles)
Each CD is a faithful reproduction of the original vinyl using original artwork, and LP dust sleeve
Fold-Out Pink Floyd 20"x30" High Quality Poster
Portrait collage contains a new Storm Thorgerson arrangement of 40 images from the band's history. -The image will contain elements from all of the sleeves in the box set and the tagline..."Pink Floyd Still First In Space - 40th Anniversary".
UK Import
Dimensions: 5.8" (High) x 5.7" (Wide) x 3.7" (Deep)

Replies: 1 Comment

Maravilloso que saquen este Box pues es un gran grupo y como tal es de tenerlo aunque se tengan ya otros que van a ser repetidos en mi caso todos.........

Posted by Carlos Cuéllar @ 12/11/2007 01:22 PM CST

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