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08/19/2007 Entry: "Latest Pink Floyd news (Jon Carin inteview and Richard Wright new release)"

Brain Damage has a fantastic interview with the man that hold the David Gilmour and Roger Waters' camps together, Jon Carin. A nice highlight:

Was that really an old analog sequencer I saw Harry playing during 'On The Run'?
No. For the Dark Side tour with Roger, we are using James Guthrie's spectacular 5.1 mix of On The Run he did from the original master tapes as a bed. James is an absolute sonic genius (and a fantastic guy), so it would be pointless to try to top that mix, and it has to be perfectly in sync with the fantastic visuals Roger has prepared, so I am adding sounds over his mix, as well as effects Roger, James & I have added in the studio onto his mix. Roger bought the Synthi AKS as a gift for Harry to mess about with, but I haven't heard any noise coming out of it yet. And we also have Graham Broad playing along, doubling the 16ths on the high hat and the heartbeat on the kick drum. I dare anyone to try that at home without needing oxygen.

Brain Damage and Reuters/Billboard have a nice interview with Richard Wright regarding the 40th anniversary reissue of The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. Key highlight:

Q: What was it like reviving Barrett's songs when you played in David Gilmour's band on his 2006 tour?
A: "I sang 'Arnold Layne' live for the first time ever since it was written, and it was fantastic to do. But we never actually performed it live at the time, and I don't believe we ever performed 'See Emily Play' live. When David Bowie came and guested when I was playing with David, he said when he (first) heard Syd, he realized he could sing in an English accent.

Thanks again to Brain Damage for all the great news!

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