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07/27/2007 Entry: "What I did on my unplanned day off"

Something blew out a circuit breaker last night and since I didn't want to cause a fire in the house I called an electrician in the AM. Here's what I did:

Did the normal get the kids off to school.
Send off a request for some flexible spending money.
Finished configuring my brother-in-law's pc.
Found an electrician. Got him over by 9.15.
Before he arrived I cleaned up the kitchen and started on the office.
Followed him around until about 11 when everything was fixed.
Called the wife, the HopeMom, and our handyman.
Dialed (VPNed?) into work... sent off my weekly status and did my timesheet.
Ate lunch on the screen porch and did some required Accenture training.
Finished straightening up the office and tossed a lot of crap.
Cleaned out our feng shui fountain. Bleh... Lots of mold and algee.
Tried to clean out the birds' nest that has been in Boy's window sill, but there were baby birds still in it.
Mowed. Showered.
Peed a lot due to 2 dietCokes, 1 Gatoraide and a water.
Did YET ANOTHER test upgrade of my blogging software and decided to going into production with it. Woo!
And it's only 4.15!

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Not bad!

Posted by Jim @ 07/31/2007 01:21 PM CST

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