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01/05/2007 Entry: "Roger Waters Records "Hello (I Love You)," an Original Song"

Pink Floyd Rock Icon Roger Waters Records "Hello (I Love You)," an Original Song for New Line Cinema's "The Last Mimzy"

Waters Collaborates With Oscar-Winning Composer Howard Shore and Pink Floyd Producer James Guthrie

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 05, 2007 -- Legendary musician Roger Waters has recorded the original song "Hello (I Love You)" to be featured in New Line Cinema's upcoming sci-fi film "The Last Mimzy" (to be released nationwide on March 23rd). Waters collaborated with Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore ("The Lord of the Rings" trilogy) and Grammy Award-winning Pink Floyd producer James Guthrie ("The Wall") on the song, which marks only the second time Waters has ever recorded an original song specifically for a motion picture.

"It has been great collaborating with (director) Bob Shaye and Howard Shore on 'The Last Mimzy,'" says Waters. "I think together we've come up with a song that captures the themes of the movie, the clash between humanity's best and worst instincts, and how a child's innocence can win the day."

Shaye adds, "It's an honor to have a huge talent like Roger Waters contribute a song to 'The Last Mimzy.'"

A warm, midtempo song inspired by the film's theme of the delicate balance between ecology and technology, "Hello (I Love You)" will be featured in the film and will run over the end credits. The six and a half minute song will be available on New Line Records' official soundtrack for "The Last Mimzy," which is scheduled for a spring release.

"Hello (I Love You)" was co-written by Waters and Shore, co-produced and engineered by Waters, Shore and Guthrie, and executive produced by New Line Cinema's President of Music Paul Broucek. The song was performed by an A-list team of musicians including drummer Steve Gadd (Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Steely Dan), guitarist Gerry Leonard (music director/guitarist for David Bowie), and Waters on bass and vocals. Additionally, "The Last Mimzy's" 6-year-old star Rhiannon Leigh Wryn appears on the track, singing along with Waters on the song's chorus.

Globally renowned as founder member, lyricist and principal composer of legendary rock band Pink Floyd, Waters has also had a successful solo career and masterminded one of the largest concerts ever -- The Wall Concert in Berlin in 1990. Waters is a member of the U.S. and UK Rock and Roll Halls of Fame, and in 2005 released the opera album "Ca Ira," which reached #1 on both the U.S. and UK Classical charts. This marks only the second time that Waters has ever penned an original song for a film, the first being "Lost Boys Calling" in the 1998 drama "The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean," coincidentally distributed by New Line.

Guthrie served as producer and studio engineer on a number of Pink Floyd and Waters' solo albums starting with "The Wall" in 1979. He was also responsible for the sound at the live performances of "The Wall." He remastered "Dark Side of the Moon" for the 20th Anniversary Edition CD and produced Waters' 2000 live album "In The Flesh" and the Pink Floyd compilation "Echoes."

Shore is among the most respected, honored and active film composers and music conductors at work today. He has won multiple Academy Awards and Grammys for his work scoring such films as "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "The Aviator," "The Silence of the Lambs," "Philadelphia," and New Line's "Seven," among others.

Based on the acclaimed sci-fi short story by Lewis Padgett, "The Last Mimzy" tells the story of two children who discover a mysterious box that contains some strange devices they think are toys.

"The Last Mimzy" features an ensemble cast that includes Timothy Hutton ("Ordinary People," "General's Daughter"), Joely Richardson ("The Patriot," "Nip/Tuck"), and Rainn Wilson ("The Office"). It is produced by Michael Phillips ("The Sting," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind") and directed by Bob Shaye (executive producer of, among other films, "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy). Shaye is also founder, Co-Chairman, and Co-CEO of New Line Cinema.

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Posted by CARMEN HARCOURT @ 07/07/2008 02:15 PM CST

What a lovely combination of floyds music, brilliant we love it! We heard it from the movie 'The last Mimsy'

Posted by Angie @ 03/29/2008 04:05 PM CST

The only thing that upsets me is that this song is only on the last mimzy soundtrack and not on a waters cd....want to hear more new stuff!

Posted by jen @ 10/25/2007 10:48 PM CST

I was raised on Pink Floyd,Turned on to it by my Dad,got em THE WALL on 8 track when it came out for his birthday. Over this summer I watched The last Mimsy with my little girl Jessalynn and all my high school emotions came flooding into me,about that time I reconized it to be the work of none other than the brilliant Rodger Waters. Listen to it, it will grab your heart and run through those years the first time you hear it.

Posted by Joe Suesz @ 10/12/2007 06:34 PM CST

watched "the last nimzy" w/my daughter - knew roger was involved,and hope his work keeps coming!

Posted by FRANKEN63 @ 10/11/2007 02:34 AM CST

The song sounds a lot like "Is anybody out there".... "When the Wind Blows" is right up there with the Wall... It's worth watching over and over again.

Posted by Chris @ 04/03/2007 02:02 PM CST

Just for the sake of accuracy, Roger also wrote some songs and the score for "When the Wind Blows", a 1986 full length animated feature film.

Posted by Bill Coller @ 04/01/2007 12:55 AM CST

Listened to it by mistake .. and it could have been a chapter song from 'the Wall' .. side three of course .. and yes its a great song !

Posted by Snappysal61 @ 03/12/2007 07:48 PM CST

I heard this song on the radio and can't get enough of it.... It's amazing, just like any Floyd song would be. DEFINITELY worth a listen

Posted by Jenny @ 02/26/2007 06:54 PM CST

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