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09/13/2006 Entry: "DirecTV announces software update for Tivo HR10-250"

According to PVRWire:

DirecTV has announced a software upgrade for their Tivo HR10-250 with the new version 6.3 being released. Hopefully we will see this making the frontend media center interface a little faster.

The new upgrade includes folders in a now playing guide and promises faster search facility and EPG. Other smaller changes include updates to the menu tree, and also "my preferences" being removed with most of the options now being moved to the settings menu.

The update is automatic, so if you haven't already received it, just make sure your Tivo HR10-250 is connected to your phone line connected. The update will cause some of your settings to be returned to the factory default.

DBSTalk had the following additional information:

Tivo HR10-250 v6.3
New Features
Folders in Now Playing List
Faster Guide and quicker searches

The menu tree has changed. "My Preferences" has been removed; most of the options are now under "Settings"

Phone Line Must be connected (Note, Double check your dial in phone number as a significant number of Area Codes have changed since the last update
After receiving the new software some settings will revert to factory default, including:
- Favorites Channels – settings will be deleted (list will be empty)
- Channel You Receive – list will reset and all channels will be checked
- Channel Banner – time out will be set to "Display banner normally"
- Spending Limit – settings will be set to $10
- Dolby Digital - Autorecord and output options will be set to “Off”

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