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08/01/2006 Entry: "Dear Kevin Smith"

I want to download Clerks 2. I have a 9 month old and a 3.5 year old and getting out to the movies is challenging to say the least. I'm a fan, a big fan, and I'd like to be cut some slack. A fan you say? Here are my qualifications:

I've seen all of your movies.
I own all of your movies on DVD, and on laserdisc where appropriate. $50 for Chasing Amy on laser? Totally worth it.
I've got most of the books as well... Including the Mallrats book, which I won, incidentally at a preview at Eden Prairie Center.
Saw Clerks... In the theater... Probably twice
Was at Eden Prairie Center one day while you were filming.
Michael Rooker? Brother-in-law of my best friend's girlfriend from college. Met him? You bet! Staying her house... In my underwear!
One of my coworkers was a guard in Mallrats who chased you.
Saw Chasing Amy the day it came out.
Saw Dogma the day it came out.
Saw Jersey Girl the day it came out... Big date for me and the wife after our daughter was born. We bawled!
Love Clerks: TAS.
I read your blog.
I've been reading News Askew for what seems like forever.
Looking forward to the second Evening With....
And I'll be buying Clerks 2 when it comes out.

So fanboy to fanboy, father to father, may I download Clerks 2?

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