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04/25/2006 Entry: "TravelBlog: zBLC 2006 Day 3"

Today was a weird day. It was a national holiday in .pt. So lunch was some weird fish dish that looked like lasagna that apparently is the national dish. I didn't want it and eventually got very hungry in the afternoon. So I discovered that there was a McD less than 3 blocks away. Tasted just like home. That was nice.

I never quite woke up today so as a result I absolutely crashed this afternoon. I guess I needed it. The group from China talked about disaster recovery, which was pretty interesting. The best part of my day was our discussion on AJAX and I was able to argue some points about it back to the audience since they just were not getting it. Got a compliment from the CICS architect about my comments. That was nice.

Dinner was at a resturant on the waterfront which used to be a big warehouse. Interesting place. Better than going to an old windmill which is was the rumour was.

Beyond all that, travelling is travelling. I'm getting tired of being here and am very much looking forward to spending all day Friday returning home.

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... and your view on AJAX is?

Posted by John D @ 04/26/2006 11:40 AM CST

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