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04/24/2006 Entry: "TravelBlog: zBLC 2006 Day 2"

It's late Monday night and I've been pretty busy here in Lisbon. Sunday was filled with sightseeing. It was a beautiful day. We went to the castle up on the hill, a tower along the water, a monistary and a cathedral. And the sun was out so I got a little bit of sun on my face.

Today the zBLC started. Lots of familar faces (and more familar names). Interesting stuff as usual. And of course being under NDA I can't really talk about anything.

In more iteresting news, I got Roger Waters tickets... Or at least a friend of mine scored tickets for us. So that's all taken care of. Some time later this year, off to Chicago again for another show. Woo!

Life in Lisbon is definitely different. Lots of strong coffee, dinners until late at night, dealing with the time difference, sharing internet access, and apparently a channel where they show Seinfeld without commericals but with subtitles. It's very addicting.

Tomorrow will be a full day since we have a group dinner. That means an even later dinner. Oh joy.

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