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02/24/2006 Entry: "Mr. Mom Day 20: Things I did while home"

Went to CostCo for formula twice.
Got my headlight fixed, twice.
Took Owen to the doctor just to make sure he wasn't sick... he wasn't.
Did about 8-10 hours of work.
Alex was home with us for one day so we all went to Angie's office for lunch.
Took Owen to my office to show him off.
Burned, labeled and catalog a lot of CDs and DVDs.
Painted part of the kitchen ceiling.
Talked to two people about building a custom radiator cover.
Went to visit a brand new baby.
Watched Young and the Restless almost every day.
Watched All Request Hour and The Alternative on VH-1 Classic almost every day.
Bought new iron and thus finally caught up on all of our ironing.
Brought Alex to school every day.
Stayed on top of email at work and home.
Started exercising in the morning
Moved Owen up to 6 oz feedings.
Moved Owen up to level 2 nipple.
Did lots of laundry, bottle washing, trash throwing out, and tons of other domestic crap.
Watched one movie with Owen.
Watched all best picture nominees with Angie (or at least we will have by Sunday).
Did taxes with the tax guy.
Downloaded all sort of weird rare Pink Floyd stuff.
Discovered I can't go more than 6 days without shaving.
Grew out my sideburns.
Flipped for the new "She Wants Revenge" CDs. (Thanks Mark!)
Learned about cojoined twins, the world's most dangerous gang, and side shows thanks to the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel.
Wore the same pair of shoes the whole time!

I'm sure that there's more so as I think of it I'll try to add them.

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