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02/20/2006 Entry: "Mr. Mom Day 16"

Today was an interesting day since Alex didn't have school. So I had her at home with me and Owen. There was a bit of jealousy which made my day a bit more interesting. Fortunately, we went to Allianz to have lunch with Angie. That certainly broke up the day. All in all, it was a good day, just nothing very Mr. Mom like to report.

In other thoughts... A couple of weird things going on:

1) There's a lot of press going on about Wolfgang's Vault and especially his Radio station. In the Floyd world, there's performance of Have A Cigar (sigh, ho-hum) which would be great to hear since everything is a soundboard recording. Obviously I'm excited that there so much attention being paid to live recordings. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what (if anything) gets released from the vault.

2) There's a TON of weird Pink Floyd stuff popping up. It's not enough that David Gilmour has his first album coming out after 22 years. It's not enough that he was even kind enough to release a special holiday track, Island Jam. It's not enough that Roger Waters is touring this spring/summer, although I will be missing him in Lisbon by about 2 weeks. But all of a sudden weird performances are showing up. 1970-07-18 - Blackhills Garden Party finally pops up from the master. Then 1969 October 25 - Actuel Festival with Frank Zappa pops up, again from the master. This was never even known to have been recorded until a couple of weeks ago. And it's amazing too! But now, this week, rehearsal video of 1969-04-14 - Royal Festival Hall shows up. It's only 20 minutes and in B&W but I can not wait to finish downloading it and seeing it. What a great week to not have to be at work! There's also been a rash of early 70s masters from Germany showing up as well, but that's not nearly as exciting as the other stuff.

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