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02/15/2006 Entry: "Mr. Mom Day 13"

I'm on the back side of my time off from work, and I have to admit that I really miss work (mostly the social aspect). I'm not sure how the stay-at-home people do it. All I've been doing is domestic stuff: laundry, painting the ceiling, cleaning the oven, trimming the cat's nails, cutting up boxes for recycling, donating old crap... and the list just goes on.

Owen and I have had some fun. We get into a call and response thing some times. And he really likes books that rhyme, so that's been good. He's using bigger bottles and bigger nipples, so I think that our time here has been worth it. His day care said that they are waiting for him, so that makes me feel good too.

Finally finished The Terminal. Been busy watching videos on VH1 Classic (because no other station actually plays videos) and some documentary type stuff.

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Enjoy your time off w/ your family. Work sucks. We will all be here when you return.

Posted by bongo @ 02/16/2006 10:44 PM CST

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