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02/08/2006 Entry: "Mr. Mom Day 8"

It's been a busy few days around the house with a couple of unfortunate missteps. I had to bring my car back into the fix the headlight since they were trying to fix the one that worked. My iron broke so I had to get a new one as well. You can stay really really busy when you are not at work. I'm not sure I can remember how I did all this stuff when I was working. However, I am really looking forward to being around people who talk.

Owen and I have been having fun reading and playing some simple games as well. Today we played, "Look at all of the new Audis". I like the S Line A3!

I'm making much progress in other things around the house like catching up on burning CDs and cataloging them. That's my real goal for my break. There's like 100-150 CDs that I need to get listed.

The novelty of being home has started to wear off, but I have to admit, it would be nice to take a nap or just watch a movie straight through. We have been watching The Terminal, but only in 10 minutes chunks during feedings.

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