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01/30/2006 Entry: "Mr. Mom Day 1"

Today is my first day on paternity leave. As you can imagine, I have a million things that I want to do, and probably none of it will get done. I wanted to start off my break from work by painting part of the kitchen ceiling that I splattered with cappuchino a while ago. Found out that my ceiling paint was bad, so after dropping off Alex and washing the car, I went to paint store. They told me that I just can't paint over it so I got a stain sealer. So I sprayed the ceiling when I got home and got paint dust all over everything. I spent more time cleaning that paining. Now I think that I can actually paint it. The good part was that we needed to clean the kitchen really really well, so now that's done.

I've also been cleaning up the house, burning some CDs, listening to music and watching TV. Oh, yeah, I've played with Owen too. I need to get him up from a monster nap and feed him. I think that we played too much this morning.

I checked in at work and didn't see anything too wrong going on. So far so good.

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