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01/22/2006 Entry: "No Limited Editions of David Gilmour's On An Island"

According to Brain Damage:

A number of retailers had announced that there was a limited double vinyl LP edition, and a limited double CD set, coming out in Europe. These were to be available alongside the regular single disc edition.

We now have official clarification on these releases. Firstly, the vinyl release will be a SINGLE disc edition, not double. Secondly, there isn't going to be a limited two CD edition released - just the regular single disc version, which will be the same worldwide.

We suspect that a number of you have already placed an order for the limited edition double CD from the various retailers who are still offering this. We would suggest you cancel the order and get your orders in for the single disc editions, to ensure you are near the front of the queue for when they are despatched at the start of March!

The single CD US edition of the album can now be pre-ordered for delivery upon release, using this special Amazon link: US single CD version.

Replies: 3 comments

hello jim, i buy vinyls and i hate the cds.

Posted by antonio hernandez @ 02/20/2006 05:24 AM CST

Anyone have Yahoo's customer support number?

Posted by Lynda @ 01/26/2006 05:54 PM CST

Vinyl? Who buys vinyl?

Posted by Jim @ 01/22/2006 02:35 PM CST

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