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01/12/2006 Entry: "DirecTV Technical Support Phone Number"

I was having a problem getting some channels on my HR10-250 and got very tired of going through all of the troubleshooting tips when you call 1-800-DIRECTV. I asked and found out that you can call 1-866-678-6664 and get right through to technical support. You can also call 1-800-695-9251, but sometimes it doesn't work. And if you happen to order a TiVo, please use me (astanley@echoes.com) as your referrer.

Replies: 10 comments

The new number is 1-800-531-5000. It's a voice response system and works very well and quickly. I got to a human operator in 3 minutes.

Posted by Dan W @ 02/28/2009 01:43 PM CST

Directv is a ripoff scam Co. ran by low-life crooks. They are all liars and thieves. Lets get these crooks in prison for the benefit of Americans everywhere.

Posted by Andrew @ 02/09/2009 02:26 AM CST

95 percent of tech and customer service support agents are located in the united states.

Posted by Chuck @ 01/30/2009 06:13 PM CST

Tried this number as well and it is no longer available. They gone to a totally automated menu system. I asked if there was a direct number to tech support and was told there was not. My agent suggested to answer "Protection Plan" when asked the nature of the problem, to get around the series of troubleshooting questions on the menu. Good luck

Posted by Doug @ 08/31/2008 06:42 PM CST

The 866 number no longer works. I just tried.

Posted by Rick @ 07/04/2008 07:25 PM CST

Here it is in 2008, and that 866 phone number still works like a charm! Got right through, and they fixed the problem pronto. Hallelujah!

Posted by Debra @ 05/05/2008 08:26 PM CST

Thanks very much for the directv tech support number; saved me lots of time I'm sure-- especially since I couldn't find my bill and had NO number. -L.

Posted by Larry Braverman @ 03/05/2008 02:23 PM CST

I don't know what you did but my picture came back on as if magic. Thanks.

Posted by M.F.Pearson @ 01/04/2008 11:09 AM CST

This actually DOES work. It's not more trash you find on the web. I got through to a service tech immediatly who helped me right away....and he spoke Engish : )

Posted by Erin @ 12/12/2007 10:42 PM CST

I somehow unprogrammed my Remote and was going nuts going through those Trouble Tips and trying to find a tech phone number. I found your note about a tech support phone number and they got the Remote working for me.

Thanks much (astanley@echoes.com) for your advice on Echoes. i.e. 01/12/2006 Entry: "DirecTV Technical Support Phone Number"

Dan Hall

Posted by Dan Hall @ 08/01/2007 06:36 AM CST

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