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12/29/2005 Entry: "OMD will be reforming in 2006"

According to their official web site: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark will be reforming next year both for the purposes of live performances and also a new OMD album. Unfortunately it's too early to give definite plans, but the approximate timeline is for a series of warm-up gigs in the UK in September 2006, which may be expanded to include other countries in the mid-Autumn period. A fuller touring schedule along with album release details is planned for Spring 2007.

The band line-up will consist of Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys, Mal Holmes and Martin Cooper. The line-up will also include Stuart Kershaw for live shows.

Paul Humphreys and Claudia Claudia Brücken will spend the first half of 2006 completing the OneTwo debut album planned for a Spring release with gigs scheduled for April and May.

The UK shows will also be special showcase performances in which OMD will perform Architecture & Morality in its entirety. These shows will be by special invitation only as well as for the press. Obviously we will endeavour to make sure there are plenty of tickets available via the OMD website.

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