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05/20/2005 Entry: "Day 6: IBM zBLC in Montpellier"

Things really started slowing down today, but in some ways it was the best day. I finally had a meal that I thought was pretty good. We stumbled upon a cool resturant and it was definately enjoyable. I did go out with some IBMers for a quick lunch because I just couldn't deal with being inside (and the food didn't look that good). I left the council late but I had to meet people up in that area for dinner so I at least got a chance to walk around for a little bit. Oddly (or not so oddly really) I couldn't find anything to buy at the Virgin Megastore. I saw a Pink Floyd book I had never seen before, but it was mostly French text so there was no point in buying it. All of the stores were closed by around 19h00 or 19h30 so most were closed. I don't know why the stores close early but then the people eat so late. I got home at 23h15, so I was out for 16 hours. Not bad.

So tomorrow will be the last day, and we only go until 3pm! I'm looking forward to a little bit of shopping for the people back home (perhaps myself too) and then dinner, packing, sleep, and off for a full day of travel. Wandering around Amsterdam should be fun. I didn't get a chance to do it before. Although I may pay their outrageous internet rates to grab some mail and stay caught up.

OK. The clock says 0.00 so it's time to go to bed!

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