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05/19/2005 Entry: "Day 5: IBM zBLC in Montpellier"

Today was a mixed bag of very interesting things (zLinux, Service Component Architecture) and not such interesting things (WebSphere security for z/OS). Got to walk around town for a little bit during the day and while shops were open. So I got a cute t shirt for Alex.

For dinner we went out to yet another resturant of medicore status. Yet another steak of medicore status. I should have had the pork. One of my dinner companions is the VP of development for the entire WebSphere family. She's got a southern accent and a southern accent, which is pretty funny actually.

Beyond that, nothing else is really that new. Tomorrow is the last full day, which means that I can go home soon.

I forgot that today was the 17th anniversary of the first I saw Pink Floyd (in Cedar Falls IA of all places). And I think that Star Wars opened today (or at least it looked that way when I walked by the movie theatre). I don't want to take the chance that it's dubbed or subtitled (not sure which would be worse) or the sound is not perfect (which would be worse).

Off to bed for me... since I need to get up soon and go back to Le Corum for more meetings. Tomorrow morning starts of with the Application Development Life Cycle workgroup presentation. Did I mention that there is a grand total of 38 customers here?

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